New Year, New Updates! 1/7/13 Shop Update Preview

Hello everyone, and happy new year!! I hope the start of 2013 has been amazing for all of you. I am so excited about this year and what I have planned for the shop. I plan to introduce at least 2 more yarn bases, 3 more fiber bases, and I have a LOT of plans for new colorways!

But first… here is the first shop update preview of 2013… going live tonight 1/7/13 at 8pmET.

Shop Update 1/7/13

Shop Update 1/7/13

In this update we have Moorit Shetland, Falkland, Corriedale, and Polwarth/Silk Roving, and we have two different colors of Expedition Sport, one skein of Touring DK, one skein of Vacation Sock, and two skeins of Journey Sock.

Once again I’d like to remind you guys that I am indeed taking custom orders, and it is a GREAT time to put yours in as I don’t have a huge list of people waiting right now and could get to your order quickly. I also have all of my yarn bases in right now, and most of my fiber bases as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you back here on Thursday for the shop update preview!



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