Shop Update 1.10.12 and Duckie Preorders

Hello everybody! It’s that time again… the Thursday shop update preview!

1.10.12 Shop Update

1.10.12 Shop Update

Today we have some Twinkle Sock, Expedition Sport, and Touring DK yarn, as well as BFL/Silk, BFL, Moorit Shetland, and Corriedale roving. I am particularly enamored of the Morning Surf Touring DK yarn (bottom right in the mosaic). I hope you see something you love, and if not, then be sure to check back soon! The next shop update is scheduled for Monday January 14 at 8pmET.

Also in this update, I am opening preorders for the colorway I did for the  July 2012 shipment of the 2 Crafty Girls club, Duckie.

Test 1 pic 2

Duckie on Journey Sock

You might ask why I am doing this yarn as a preorder. Well, quite honestly, it is the most difficult dyeing I have ever done in my 6+ years of dyeing- it is a very very intensive process and just the dyework alone takes over 2 hours per skein. That is a lot of work to put into a skein of yarn without knowing for sure that it is headed to a loving home, so that’s why I’ve decided to open up preorders. There will be 8 skeins available on Journey Sock, 8 skeins on Weekend Sock, and 8 skeins on Luxe Sock available for preorder. If there is more interest, I will be glad to add more. Just shoot me an email!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful week, and I’ll talk to you soon!



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