1.24.13 Shop Update and Postage Rate Increase

Hi everybody! I hope you all are well! I have to admit that I completely forgot to post Monday’s update preview here on the blog… oops! I’m really sorry about that.

But here is today’s, and I hope you see something you love! The update goes live at 2pmET today.

1.24.13 Shop Update

1.24.13 Shop Update

Also going up in today’s update are a LOT of the Duckie preorders. I emailed everyone whose yarn is ready, so if you didn’t receive an email from me yet, don’t despair! I plan to try to have all of the yarn dyed and rehanked and listed by Monday at the latest, earlier if possible.

I also wanted to talk to you guys a bit about the upcoming postage increase. As you know if you’ve ordered from me for a while, I try VERY hard not to increase postage rates unless it is absolutely necessary, but I just can’t absorb the increases coming down the pipe from the USPS this time because they are so big. I promise to keep the rates as fair as possible, and I plan to expand the specific country prices to include a few more that I’ve seen increased traffic from. These increases will take place on the 26th, as the official increase takes place on the 27th and I will not ship anything from the 26th until the 28th anyway. See the “table” below to see what the increases will be.

Country     Current: 1st item    Current: ea add’l       New: 1st item    New: ea add’l

USA                    $3.00                               $1.50                                           $3.75                     $2.00

Canada              $4.75                                $1.50                                           $8.00                    $3.00

UK                       $7.00                                $2.00                                          $13.00                  $3.00

Finland              $8.00                                $2.50                                         $12.00                  $3.00

Netherlands     $8.00                                $2.50                                         $13.00                  $3.00

Sweden               $8.00                                $2.50                                         $13.00                 $3.00

Australia           $8.00                                 $2.50                                         $13.00                  $3.00

All Others          $8.00                                 $2.50                                         $14.00                  $4.00

Thanks so much for your support and your continued patronage of my shop during this transition. You guys are the reason I love what I do, and I appreciate you so much!



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