2.21.13 Shop Update Preview

Hi friends! Sorry about missing Monday’s update preview post… I got caught up in dyeing and almost missed getting the update done on time!

Here is today’s 2pmET shop update preview:

2.21.13 Shop Update

2.21.13 Shop Update

Included in this update in the top-right corner is a colorway I’m bringing back after not dyeing it for a long time. It’s a lovely semisolid blue-gray called Smokin’ Barrel, and is the perfect unisex color. Today’s it’s available on Touring DK, but it will be showing up on other bases very soon. In the bottom middle is a colorway I just brought back on Monday, called September Sky. It’s mostly white with little blips of bright clear blue. I think it will be especially beautiful knit up. It is going up on Aran weight today, but there are two skeins of Weekend Sock in the same colorway already up in the shop if you’re interested.

I also wanted to call your attention to the Repeatable Colorways pages on the blog, linked right under the blog header. I have been adding lots of colorways lately, so if you haven’t checked it out in a few weeks, please take a look! I have 3 more colorways drying right now as well, and those will be going up in the pages this weekend. Right now I have about 30-40 more colorways to dye, rehank, and photograph, and then I’ll have my existing colorways all available for you to look through. And of course, I’ve got lots of ideas for new colorways too, so those will be added as I dye them. I hope you guys enjoy looking through what I’ve done so far! As always, if you’re interested in ordering any of them as a custom order, please feel free to contact me through the shop!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for your support!



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