3.4.13 Shop Update and a NEW PRODUCT: ROLAGS!!

Hi everybody! I am really, really excited about tonight’s update… so much goodness going on here!

3.4.13 Shop Update

3.4.13 Shop Update

I hope you look at that mosaic and say- “hey wait, what are those things on the top left and in the middle on the bottom??” because that is one reason I am super excited tonight.

I am introducing rolags to my line of spinning fibers!! (you might also see them called “punis”, if you search for them online) Now you might be asking yourself what rolags are. Well, they are handcarded, handrolled tubes of fiber that are ideal for spinning woolen-style yarns (they can also be predrafted to create more semiwoolen yarns). I have created these rolags using my new blending board and my full arsenal of handdyed fibers and fun add-ins, and am finding them to be absolutely the most fun to make! You’ll be seeing lots of them in the shop going forward, I’m sure. Here are larger pictures of the ones going up tonight:

Rolags Set 2 Rolags Set 1

Aren’t they fun! So far I’m just making 1-1.5oz lots of them, but if you see something you really like or have an idea for a color combo you’d like a larger quantity of, please contact me through the shop and I’ll be glad to work something up for you! 🙂 I hope you’ll give these little guys a try!

See you Thursday with more yarny and fibery goodness!




P.S. Don’t forget to listen to episode 56 (currently available) and 57 (coming up mid-month) of the Just One More Row podcast to get a coupon code for the shop for the month of March!!

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