3.21.13 Shop Update and a NEW FIBER BASE!!

Hi friends! I hope this post finds you well. I am having trouble with my back, due to over-enthusaistic rolag making… so I’m resting until the weekend to make sure that I am able to work next week.

The show must go on, though, and I have a SPECTACULAR update for you guys today! I actually have so many listings that I had to split the preview mosaics into a fiber one and a yarn one, in order to show you all of the goodies! Fun!!

3.21.13 Shop Update- Fibers

3.21.13 Shop Update- Fibers

3.21.13 Shop Update- Yarns

3.21.13 Shop Update- Yarns

Ok, so what’s going up today… here’s a breakdown!

(6) sets of rolags

(2) skeins of handspun

(2) braids of a NEW FIBER BASE! (more on that in a minute)

(2) listings of Expedition Sport (each has 2 skeins available), including the premiere of my BRAND NEW 30th birthday commemorative colorway, Year of the Honey Badger! (bottom left in the yarns mosaic)


I’m sure you spinners out there are probably thinking “new fiber base- tell us more!!” so here ya go. This fiber is one of my favorites that I’ve ever dyed, and I am absolutely thrilled to be making it available to you guys! It is a 100% merino fiber, natural gray with banding. It makes for a spectacular base to dye on (the colors REALLY intensify and look so gorgeous!) and it is an absolute pleasure to spin. I have it available in my 2 most popular colorways today, Aurora Borealis and Abalone, one braid of each. I have more coming up next week’s updates too, though, so if you miss it today don’t fret!

"Abalone" on Gray Merino

“Abalone” on Gray Merino

"Aurora Borealis" on Gray Merino

“Aurora Borealis” on Gray Merino

I would also like to know if anybody out there would like to possibly get some of this fiber undyed. I don’t do undyed fibers in my shop as a rule, but this fiber is just SO BEAUTIFUL in its natural state, I feel like I need to make an exception this time. It will be $2.75/oz, and shipping is my normal shipping price per 4oz/each additional 4oz. I will probably not have this fiber up undyed unless someone requests it, so if you would like some, please email me through the shop.

I hope all of you have a FABULOUS weekend, and happy shopping! I’ll see you back here on Monday for the next shop update preview!!



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