4.1.13 Shop Update and TWO new colorways- no foolin’!

Hey friends! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. Sorry I didn’t post about last Thursday’s update… I was swamped with administrative things, and didn’t even get a chance to post the update til 4pm!

Anyway, here is tonight’s 8pmET shop update preview…

4.1.13 Shop Update

4.1.13 Shop Update

I am reintroducing a colorway tonight. It is one of my older space-dyed colorways, and one I find particularly striking. This is Cedar Waxwing.

"Cedar Waxwing" on Twinkle Sock

“Cedar Waxwing” on Twinkle Sock

It is made up of two shades of brown, plus a large amount of gold. It looks absolutely stunning knitted up- try it and you’ll see! 🙂

I am also debuting a brand new colorway tonight, designed in honor of (and named by!) Leslie of The Knit Girllls podcast. It is a gorgeous tonal colorway featuring shades of peach, orange, and red, and is called Stop and Smell The Poppies.

"Stop and Smell the Poppies" on Twinkle Sock

“Stop and Smell the Poppies” on Twinkle Sock

It is also available in this update on Falkland fiber.

"Stop and Smell The Poppies" on Falkland

“Stop and Smell The Poppies” on Falkland

I think this colorway perfectly captures Leslie’s vivacious personality and sense of humor. I hope you’ll give it a try!

And as always, I’ll see you guys back here on Thursday for the 2pmET shop update preview! Have a great week!



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