4.30.13 Shop Update and Sweater Quantity Special Orders Now Available!

Hi everybody!

I wanted to share today’s shop update preview with you! There are some real lovelies going up today!

4.30.13 Yarn Update

4.30.13 Yarn Update

There are 4 skeins each of Aurora Borealis and Graphite on the Expedition Sport base- enough to knit a summer sweater for some sizes!

4.30.13 Fiber Update

4.30.13 Fiber Update

There are 2 braids each of every colorway except for “Summer Storm”, pictured at right. There are also 2 sets of rolags in this update.

I wanted to show you guys a new colorway that is in the shop for the first time today, too:

"Teeny Bikini" on Merino Roving and Journey Sock

“Teeny Bikini” on Merino Roving and Journey Sock

This is a fun new colorway for summer! It features shades of aqua and purple, and will be available on any base of yarn or fiber in the future. I hope you love it!

I also wanted to let you guys know that I am opening up a new series of listings, starting today. I am going to make custom orders available for immediate order and payment in my shop, by letting customers select the number of skeins they would like to purchase, and letting me know in the “Notes to Seller” box what colorway they would like. The bases that will be available for this type of ordering will be Expedition Sport, Journey Sock, and Touring DK, to start with. Other bases may become available later, if there is a demand. Just send me an email! I will do my best to fill sweater quantity orders in 3 weeks or less. Once the order has been placed, I will email you with an estimated ship date.


Thank you so much for checking out my update! I hope you see something you love! See you next week!



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