5.7.13 Shop Update

Hi friends!

I’m back from a crazy busy and fun-filled weekend at MDSW. Still tired and dragging a bit, but trying to get back into the swing of things! I have today’s 4pmET shop update all ready for you guys… here are your previews!

5.7.13 Shop Update- Yarns

5.7.13 Shop Update- Yarns

5.7.13 Shop Update- Fibers

5.7.13 Shop Update- Fibers

I have one new colorway going up today, called Honey Man.

"Honey Man" on Journey Sock

“Honey Man” on Journey Sock

It is named after an eccentric character that hangs out at Knoxville TN coffee shops, eating honey packets and playing on his “computer”. I dyed this one in honor of my Knoxville spinning guild friends, who are always on the lookout for the Honey Man!

I also marked quite a few things down in the shop today. You can find them in the SALE section. All of the items in that section are of great quality, but have been languishing in the shop for a while and I’d like to see them go to new homes and make room for new items! 🙂

I hope you see something you love in the shop today! Thanks for your support, as always! See you next week!




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