5.28.13 Shop Update Preview, New Colorways, and a New Fiber Base!!

Hi friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I certainly did… fun with family and friends and a lot of relaxing. 🙂

Here is today’s shop update preview…

5.28.13 Yarn Update

5.28.13 Yarn Update

5.28.13 Roving Update

5.28.13 Roving Update

5.28.13 Rolags Update

5.28.13 Rolags Update

You might have noticed some new colorways this time. I am excited to be introducing three new colorways today (well, one was up last week but I didn’t mention it, oops!):

"Ethereal" on Expedition Sport

“Ethereal” on Expedition Sport

"Ladies Who Lunch" on Journey Sock

“Ladies Who Lunch” on Journey Sock

"Whisper" on Journey Sock

“Whisper” on Journey Sock

These three lovelies are all new for summer, and I’m so excited to share them with you! “Ethereal” is a lovely natural white with splashes of different blues and aquas in random patterns. “Whisper” is a base of natural white with splashes of the palest lavender purple. Both of these colorways are kettle dyed, so they should not pool when knit. The last new colorway is “Ladies Who Lunch”, which I think is SO much fun! It’s a space-dyed colorway featuring kelly green, pink, bright yellow, and navy. It will create random patterning when knit, so be sure to swatch to see if you like the effect with your pattern!

I am also releasing a new fiber base today for the first time: Panda sock top! This wonderfully soft fiber is 60% superwash merino/30% bamboo rayon/10% nylon, so it is absolutely perfect for spinning for socks. It is going up today in 3 colorways (“Plum”, “Abalone”, & “The Great Berry Caper”). For those of you going to SSK, I will have this fiber at SSK as well.

This is the last update of this month, but the coupon code I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is good through midnight ET on May 31, so you still have a few days to use it! For those that need a reminder, the coupon is BADTIMING and is good for 15% off your entire purchase, even custom orders of sweater quantities! I hope you’ll take advantage of this great deal while it’s available! 🙂

Have a great week, and I’ll talk to you guys soon!




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