7.9.13 Shop Update

Hi friends!! I hope this entry finds you well. This is my last update until after SSK (which is next week! Squee!!!) and I am deep in the dyepots, trying to finish the last few things before I go.

Anyway, here is this week’s update, going live as always at 4pmET.

7.9.13 Fiber

7.9.13 Fiber

7.9.13 Yarn and Rolags

7.9.13 Yarn and Rolags

Please keep in mind that the Tour de Fleece code (TDFLEECE13) is only good through July 31. Entering this coupon code at checkout will save you 15% off your entire purchase of $20 or more, even all-yarn purchases!

I hope you enjoy the update, and I’ll see y’all in 2 weeks!



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