7.23.13 Shop Update

Hi friends!

Did you miss me last week? I missed y’all! I had a GREAT time at SSK, both vending and as an attendee, but it just feels weird to not do a shop update every week. Glad to be back in the swing of things now!

Here is today’s update preview…

7.23.13 Yarns

7.23.13 Yarns

7.23.13 Fibers

7.23.13 Fibers

You might notice that my January 2013 2 Crafty Girls Club colorway, “Senior Prom”, is available in this update for the first time. There is only one skein, but it is available for custom order if you love it! It’s a really fun colorway and makes gorgeous socks. It was dyed based on the prom scene from the movie “Footloose”- hot pink and blue for the girls’ dresses, and two shades of gray for the boys’ tuxes.

"Senior Prom" on Journey Sock

“Senior Prom” on Journey Sock

Just as a reminder, the TDFLEECE13 coupon code is still valid through the end of the month, and will take 15% off any $20 or larger order.

Thanks so much for checking out the update, and I hope you see something you love! See y’all next week!




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