8.6.13 Shop Update

Hi everyone! I hope this post finds you all doing very well and having a great week!

Here is today’s shop update, going live at 4pmET:

8.6.13 Yarns

8.6.13 Yarns

8.6.13 Fibers

8.6.13 Fibers

You might have noticed that there is something new in the “Fibers” picture: Spin Your Own Socks Kits!

Spin Your Own Socks Kits!

Spin Your Own Socks Kits!

These kits feature my Panda Sock Roving (60% superwash merino/30% bamboo rayon/10% nylon), 4oz of a main color and 2oz of a coordinating color. You can spin these in many different ways, including spinning two plies of the main braid and one of the coordinating braid and doing a three ply, spin the main braid for the main portions of the sock and then using the coordinating braid for heels and toes… the options are endless! These kits would also be great for two-color shawls, because you could use the coordinating braid to spin for the border. These two kits (Dog Days Are Gone with Silver Coordinate and Stop & Smell The Poppies with Cinnamon Coordinate) are the only two kits going up today, but there will be more in future updates. Please feel free to request a custom kit on Etsy if you have a different color combination in mind!

Thank you all so much for you support of the first week of TEALtember orders, too. I am working as fast as I can to get these dyed up so that you can get your yarn and/or fiber in plenty of time to participate in KALs/SALs for TEALtember. Remember: preorders are only available until August 21, so be sure to order yours ASAP!

Another bit of news: I’ll be on vacation next week (August 11-17) so please know that any orders placed after Friday August 9 will not ship until Monday August 19. I will still have a small update next week (although it might not be right at 4pmET, depending on the day’s activities), and will have limited internet access so it might take me a day or two to get back to you if you email me.

As always, thanks for your support, and I hope you see something you adore in the update!

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