9.10.13 Shop Update and a NEW FIBER!!

Hey friends!

I am really excited about today’s update… not only is it HUGE, but I have a new product that’s making its debut!

First of all, here are the yarns that are going up today:

9.10.13 Yarns

9.10.13 Yarns

For the first time, my February 2013 2 Crafty Girls Club colorway, Birth of Venus, is available to the public! There are two skeins available on Journey Sock (bottom right in the above mosaic) and it will be available on preorder. Please be aware that this colorway does not lend itself to fiber, so it will be a yarn-only colorway. Sorry!


And now for the fibers…


9.10.13 Fibers (part 1)

9.10.13 Fibers (part 1)

In this mosaic you’ll see three colorways that are making their debut in this update: second from the left is Wheaten, one in from the right is Dreamlike, and the far right is Amazon. These have all been done before, but these are their new “reimagined” incarnations. I like these so much, and hope you do too!

And here is the second part of the fibers:

9.10.13 Fibers, Part 2

9.10.13 Fibers, Part 2

As you can see, rolags are back! 🙂 I had fun making these three sets, and plan to have more in next week’s update in case you miss the opportunity to get these today.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the new product. I am proud to announce that I have added superwash bfl/nylon sock spinning fiber to the shop lineup! It is a wonderful 80% superwash bfl/20% nylon blend, with a really soft hand and a bit of a sheen. It takes dye beautifully, and will spin up into a very durable yet soft yarn. It is not just great for socks, though: you could use it for any item that is going to get a lot of wear, such as mittens or fingerless gloves, anything for kids, legwarmers, etc! I hope you’ll give it a try, because I think you’ll love it! Today it is available in Wheaten, Amazon, Dreamlike, and Goldenrod, and will be available for custom order in any of my repeatable colorways.

I hope you guys see something you can’t live without! And please don’t forget the coupon code: NEWSHOPYEA will save you 15% off you entire order through the end of the month!




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