10.1.13 Shop Update

Hi friends!


Once again I’m running late… trying to do too much on shop update days seems to do that to me every time!


Anyways, what you’re here for is to see the update preview, so here ya go:

10.1.13 Yarns

10.1.13 Yarns

Today’s yarns include a set of Faded Graffiti skeins (top left, middle of middle row, and left and right sides of bottom row). The other yarns are as follows: top middle is Arabian Nights, top right is Teen Wolf, middle left is Family Vacation 1960, middle right is Broken Arrow (more on this one in a few), and middle bottom is Birth of Venus.

10.1.13 Fibers

10.1.13 Fibers

Today’s fibers include: top left and bottom middle are Pure Gold on Polwarth/Silk, middle left and top right are Il Cielo on Superwash BFL/Nylon, bottom left and middle right are Teeny Bikini on Polwarth/Silk, and middle top and bottom right are Laura Loves Unwind on Polwarth/Silk.


You guys have seen all of these colorways before except for this one:

"Broken Arrow" on Journey Sock

“Broken Arrow” on Journey Sock

This is a new colorway in my new Easy Listening colorway series, and is named after the Rod Stewart song of the same name (which happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time). It is a really interesting colorway, and one I am very proud of. It has a silver base, and has been overdyed with shades of gold and orange in a light splatter/speckle pattern. It is a very unisex colorway (my husband happens to love it!) and would translate well into larger and smaller projects alike. It is now available for special order for larger quantities if you want it. 🙂


I also wanted to make you all aware that signups for Round 6 of the 2 Crafty Girls Yarn Club are now open, through October 14. This round will be for November and December 2013, and will feature a shipment from me in November, and a shipment from Another Crafty Girl in December. The theme is still Art History, and the cost is $55.50 for US membership and $74 for an international membership. That price includes 2 skeins of 80% superwash merino/20% nylon sock yarn (400yds/100g), 2 inspirational artwork postcards, and shipping for both months. There are 40 spots available, and they will be chosen by Random Number Generator. We will be billing on or by October 16, and all invoices must be paid by October 31. If you’re interested in joining, we’d love to have you! You can find the link to the signup form in this Ravelry post.


One other thing I wanted to address today, since it seems to be coming up a lot in the new shop: you must have cookies enabled in your browser for my shop or you will be unable to check out. It will keep telling you that something is invalid (be it name, address, etc.) and will eventually remove whatever you were attempting to purchase from your cart and put it back in the shop. I know it’s inconvenient, but as my shop is hosted by Big Cartel, this is the way their site works and I can’t change it. Enabling cookies on a site-specific basis (for my site in particular) will alleviate this problem. Thanks for your understanding!!


I hope you all have a great week! See you next week!





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