12.17.13 Final Shop Update of 2013 and Some Announcements

Hi everyone! This will be my final shop update of 2013, so I made sure to have some truly lovely things for y’all to choose from. Here are the yarns and fibers going up today at 4pmET:

12.17.13 Yarns

12.17.13 Yarns

12.17.13 Fibers

12.17.13 Fibers

Ok, now for a few announcements…

  • Custom orders are still suspended through the beginning of January. I have hidden the listings for sweater quantities to keep any confusion at bay, but the custom order form is still available to be filled out if you want to reserve your custom order dye spot in my January schedule. You can find that here. Custom orders still require payment up front before dyework can start, but please be aware that during the holidays I don’t check the form every day, so you might have to wait a few days before you get a Paypal invoice from me. By filling out the form you have reserved your place in line, and then payment confirms it when I invoice you and you pay.
  • As I stated in my special announcements post last week, the shipping schedule for this holiday season as provided by the USPS is:
    • December 20: last day to ship first class and get the package there by December 24
    • December 21: last day to ship Priority and get the package there by December 24
    • December 23: last day to ship Priority Express (formerly Express Mail) and get the package there by December 24

    I am a bit skeptical of this promised delivery time, to say the least. I’ve had customers’ packages take over 2 weeks to get to them starting right after Thanksgiving, so I’d rather not make any promises I don’t think the USPS can keep. If you order anything past tomorrow 12/18, please don’t be counting on Christmas delivery. I would hate to see you disappointed.

  • I will be having a big sale starting Christmas Day and going through midnight on New Year’s Eve, to give y’all a chance to get some after-Christmas presents for yourselves, and to reduce the amount of inventory I have to do for year-end! The coupon code for this year is ENDOFYEAR2013 and it will save you 20% off your entire order of in-stock merchandise!!! This is the biggest sale I have all year, so take advantage of getting an AWESOME deal! I will be shipping as I can around holiday engagements, so it might take a few days before your order ships; I ask for your patience. Thanks!
  • The shop will be closed from January 1-3 for me to do inventory and taxes for 2013. Orders made before that time will still be shipping during that period, but the shop itself will show “maintenance mode” until it is back up and running. If you need to email me during that time, please do it directly to unwindyarncompany (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • And now the one thing I’ve been dreading… I am going to have to do a price increase in 2014 due to an increase from my suppliers, an increase in dye and acid costs, and the absolutely ridiculous shipping increases that keep happening from all major carriers (USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc.). I have absorbed all price increases on my end since I last raised prices in May 2012, and I believe there have been at least 3 or 4 just from my suppliers alone. At this point the increases have gotten so dramatic that I am no longer paying myself a living wage, and in order to stay in business I am going to have to increase my prices. All yarns will be going up $2 per skein except for Wanderlust Worsted, which will be going up $4 per skein, and all fibers will be going up $1 per 4oz except for spin-your-own-socks kits, which will be going up $1.50 per kit. These prices will be in effect when I reopen the shop on January 4. I know this is disappointing, and it might anger some of you, but I ask that you please continue to support my business. Everyone deserves to be paid a living wage for the work they do, and I want to be able to stay in business doing what I love and providing my customers with the highest quality fiber and yarn I possibly can.
  • Which brings me full circle back to the sale… the sale will be your last chance to purchase items at the old price, and at the largest discount I offer all year, so be sure to stock up!!

Thanks so much for sticking with me and reading all of the above announcements! And thanks SO MUCH for your support this year. It has been a year of a lot of changes (Etsy to my own site, etc.) and I do appreciate my loyal customers more than I can possibly say.

Happy Holidays!!

Dana 🙂


One thought on “12.17.13 Final Shop Update of 2013 and Some Announcements

  1. Honestly I don’t find your price increases so dramatic that it would cause a negative reaction. You make a quality product and that’s not changing. You aren’t reducing yardage or ply thickness (like some other companies). I believe your customers will remain loyal.

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