1.14.14 Shop Update and a NEW Product Line!!

Hi everyone! Today is a very exciting day for me… I have not only an AWESOME shop update to tell you about, but I am also debuting a brand new product line!

First, here are the yarns and fibers that are going up in today’s 4pmET shop update…

1.14.14 Yarns

1.14.14 Yarns

1.14.14 Fibers

1.14.14 Fibers

And now, the big news! I am proud to announce that I am now a vendor for Kookaburra cleaners!

imagesIf you have not heard of these amazing products, I will tell you a bit about them. Kookaburra is a family-owned, US-run business that specializes in pure, plant-based cleaners that are environmentally safe and septic-system friendly. There are several varieties, including…

Top: Kookaburra Delicate, Kookaburra Power; Bottom: Kookaburra Scour, Kookaburra Wash (available both scented and unscented)

Top: Kookaburra Delicate, Kookaburra Power; Bottom: Kookaburra Scour, Kookaburra Wash (available both scented and unscented)

I have been using Kookaburra Delicate for several months for all of my handknits, delicates, and some of my husband’s clothes, and it has been absolutely amazing. My clothes are showing less wear, have a pleasant scent, and the gentle formula does not irritate my husband’s sensitive skin. Kookaburra Power is a household cleaner that is simply AMAZING at cleaning up greasy spots and stains (and can get pretty much any pet stain up, no matter what it is or how long it’s been there!). Kookaburra Scour is a wool-scouring formula for you spinners out there; it gently gets dirt out of fleece without stripping it of its lovely natural luster and lanolin. Kookaburra Wash is available in both scented and unscented varieties, is perfect for washing handknits, and has a gentle lanolin-enriched formula that is perfect for cloth diapers and other sensitive-skin items.

I will be carrying the 2oz “try me” size for $2.49 as well as the 16oz size for $10.95, and all of all of these varieties are currently up in the shop. There is also a one-gallon jug as well as a 5 gallon bucket available for purchase; just contact me, as I will not have these in stock but they can be drop-shipped from Kookaburra directly to you.

I hope you’ll consider giving Kookaburra a try, because it is by far my favorite wool wash product now and I cannot recommend it enough!

Thanks so much for your support, everyone! Happy shopping!

Dana 🙂

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