1.21.14 Shop Update and NEW colorways!

Hi everyone! I hope this week is finding you much warmer than last week. It’s starting to get really cold again here in southeastern Tennessee, which means it’s a great time to curl up and knit or spin!

Here is today’s 4pmET shop update preview… a small one but pretty awesome I think!

1.21.14 Shop Update

1.21.14 Shop Update

By popular request, I dyed up another sweater quantity of “More Than Words” on Wanderlust Worsted. Big thanks to Megan of the Stockinette Zombies for giving it such an amazing review and generating such buzz about it! It is one of my favorite colorways now, so if you miss it in today’s update, you’ll definitely have another shot at it soon. And of course, if you really want it, you can always do a custom order for it. 🙂

Also debuting today are two brand new colorways:

"Love Note" on Touring DK

“Love Note” on Touring DK

Love Note is a lovely peachy-pink base with splatters of two different shades of pink and one shade of red. Since it is kettle dyed it should not pool when knit. I didn’t really create this colorway *just* for Valentine’s Day, but it would definitely be perfect for that! It is available in this update on Luxe Sock and Touring DK, and will be available next week on Weekend Sock for sure (and if you want it on a different base, just email!).

"Sepia" on Expedition Sport

“Sepia” on Expedition Sport

Sepia is a lovely sandy brown with overtones of chestnut. This colorway is pretty much my husband’s wheelhouse, which is why I created it: I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only woman in the world with a man in her life who adores brown of every shade. This is a much more dynamic colorway than the picture shows… it defintely won’t be boring to knit with! Today it is available on Expedition Sport, and if there is interest I can dye it on any other base I carry. Just ask!

I also wanted to let you guys know about the fiber in today’s update. Sometimes I just have a wild hair and decide to just dump dye on fiber instead of doing absolutely repeatable colorways, and that’s what happened with today’s two BFL/Silk blend braids. To make sure that there isn’t a lot of confusion about these type of dye jobs, I have decided to give them an overarching apply-all name: Outing OOAK. They are all definitely individuals, and you’ll see pretty much every color in the book called by this name in the future, but all it really means is that it is a one of a kind colorway that is unique (or in this case one of a pair) and won’t be repeated. So if you like it, be sure to snap it up before someone else does!

I’m deep in the throes of dyeing for Stitches South so updates might be a little bit smaller for the next few weeks, but custom orders are always available if you don’t see what you’re looking for! I hope all of you have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you soon!



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