8.26.14 Shop Update and a NEW Shop Swatch!

Hi everyone, it’s shop update day again! 🙂 Everything is already up in the shop in preview mode, and will be available for purchase at 4pmET.

New in the shop today are…

8.26.14 Yarns

8.26.14 Yarns

Top: Halloweenie Journey Sock (2), Bonnie Wee Thing Voyage Aran (4), Come Little Children Journey Sock (2)

Middle: Laura Loves Unwind Touring DK (2), Mini Skeins Set- Assorted Colorways (8), TEALtember Twinkle Sock (2)

Bottom: Bloody Big Scot Journey Sock (2), Sarasota Journey Sock (1), I Put A Spell On You Journey Sock (4)


8.26.14 Fibers

8.26.14 Fibers

Far left: OOAK Merino/Silk

Top two: Bougainvillea Swirl BFL, Lava Flow BFL

Bottom two: Lava Flow BFL, Bougainvillea Swirl BFL


8.26.14 Batts

8.26.14 Batts

All of these batts are over 1.5oz, all have minimal sparkle, and are blends of wool with some of them containing nylon, silk, and firestar.


As you see, there are some things in this update that I haven’t had in the shop in a while… namely, the Kaleidoscope Batts, another limited-edition Miniskein set (only 8 available!), and some Aran weight yarn since it’ll be fall soon. I hope you’ll consider trying something new today!


I also wanted to share another shop swatch with you… this one of Bloody Big Scot on Journey Sock.

"Bloody Big Scot" on Journey Sock knit by Dana

“Bloody Big Scot” on Journey Sock knit by Dana

As most of you know, this is one of my new Outlander colorways for 2014. It features the colors of the Fraser clan tartan with a generous amount of white for contrast. This swatch was knit on size US2 double pointed needles, on 60 stitches in the round. I hope this gives you a good idea of what a sock leg would look like in this gorgeous yarn!


Thanks so much for checking out the blog today, and I hope you see something you love in the update! Thanks for your continued support of my shop! 🙂





8.12.14 Another All-Halloween Update and the New Update Schedule

Hi all!

This week’s update is once again all-Halloween, so I hope you love it! This week I’m featuring yarn bases that weren’t listed last week for the most part, plus a lot of fiber.

Not all of the pictures fit in the mosaic, but here is a smattering of what’s listed today:

8.12.14 Yarns

8.12.14 Yarns

Top: Come Little Children Expedition Sport (2), Amuck Amuck Amuck Journey Sock (4), Goth Girl Twinkle Sock (3)

Middle: Burning Rain of Death Journey Sock (4), O Negative Expedition Sport (4), I Put A Spell On You Expedition Sport (2)

Bottom: Ghoulish Expedition Sport (4), Teen Wolf Honeymoon Sock (3), Transylvania Tramp Expedition Sport (4)

Also listed but not pictured: Come Little Children Journey Sock (4), I Put A Spell On You Journey Sock (4), Ghoulish Honeymoon Sock (3), Transylvania Tramp Honeymoon Sock (3), Amuck Amuck Amuck Expedition Sport (2), Burning Rain of Death Expedition Sport (2).

8.12.14 Fibers

8.12.14 Fibers

Top: Teen Wolf Falkland (2), Ghoulish Merino (2)

Middle: Transylvania Tramp BFL/Silk (1), Moldy Pumpkin Falkland (2)

Bottom: Amuck Amuck Amuck BFL/Silk (2), Come Little Children Polwarth (2)


As I mentioned last week, this is the last week of every week updates. Going forward I will be having scheduled updates, and though they’ll always be on Tuesdays, they won’t be every other week or every week. My dye commitments are getting more stringent and I need to be able to budget my time better. This means that the updates I do will be much larger, and I’ll be able to devote more time to doing custom orders and getting ready for shows. The update schedule is shown in the sidebar, and is also on the front page of my Ravelry group. It is available linked at the top of my shop as well.


Thanks so much for your continued support of my shop! I hope you enjoy the goodies listed today!




8.5.14 The ALL-HALLOWEEN Update!!

Ok I know if you love Halloween and Halloween colors as much as I do, you’ve probably been waiting for all of your favorite indies to come out with their Halloween colors for this year. I have been working very hard to make sure that my colors this year are the best I’ve ever done, and if I do say so myself, I think I outdid myself. 😉

This week’s update is all-Halloween. I not only have the four new colors for this year, but I am re-releasing all of the past two years’ colorways as well. Here ya go!

A sampling of the yarns!

A sampling of the yarns!

This is just a sampling of the yarns that will go up today. Each of the new colorways are available on multiple bases, and the older colorways are available on one base each.

Top: I Put A Spell On You Twinkle Sock (1), Transylvania Tramp Honeymoon Sock (2), O Negative Luxe Sock (2)

Middle: Halloweenie Luxe Sock (3), Come Little Children Twinkle Sock (2), Goth Girl Twinkle Sock (2)

Bottom: Burning Rain of Death Twinkle Sock (2), Ghoulish Honeymoon Sock (2), Amuck Amuck Amuck Twinkle Sock (2)


8.5.14 Fibers

8.5.14 Fibers

Top: Burning Rain of Death BFL/Silk (2), Moldy Pumpkin Falkland (2), Goth Girl Gray Merino (2)

Middle: Teen Wolf Falkland (2), I Put A Spell On You Corriedale (2), Come Little Children Merino (2)

Bottom: Ghoulish BFL/Silk (2), Transylvania Tramp Merino (2), Amuck Amuck Amuck Merino (2)

As you can see, there are 2 each of all of the fibers.

8.5.14... the ones that wouldn't fit in the 9 tile mosaics!

8.5.14… the ones that wouldn’t fit in the 9 tile mosaics!

And these guys wouldn’t fit in the mosaics above, so I made a special one just for them! Pictured are the Halloween MiniSkein kits (more about those in a second), O Negative Gray Merino (2 available), and Teen Wolf Honeymoon Sock (2 available).

Now, about the MiniSkein kits…

Halloween MiniSkeins Kit

Halloween MiniSkeins Kit

These kits are a special edition, and there are only 13 of them available in this update. Once they sell out they won’t be repeated, so if you would like one, be sure to be on time for the update! There are minis of each of my colors that I’ve done for Halloween over the last 3 years…

From 2012: Ghoulish, Transylvania Tramp, O Negative, Halloweenie

From 2013: Teen Wolf, Goth Girl

From 2014: I Put A Spell On You, Amuck Amuck Amuck, Come Little Children, Burning Rain of Death

Each miniskein is 30 yards are there are a total of 10 in the set for a total of 300 yards. They are all dyed on my Honeymoon Sock base, which is 100% superwash merino and a true fingering weight (7-8 stitch = 1″ on US1-3 needles). This kit would be great for any of the popular miniskein projects out right now: Barn Raising Quilt, Beekeeper’s Quilt (aka hexipuffs), scrappy scarves, funky socks… lots of ideas out there! Just be sure to be on time for the update if you want one!

I also want to show you some shop swatches knit up of my new Halloween colorways, so you can get an idea of what they’ll look like if you purchase them:

2014 Halloween Colorway Swatches

2014 Halloween Colorway Swatches

Top: I Put A Spell On You, Burning Rain of Death

Bottom: Come Little Children, Amuck Amuck Amuck

As you can see, these yarns tend to spiral pool when knit in the round. The swatches are knit in the round, 60 stitches, to emulate a sock leg. I think the color play is really interesting and fun, and hope you do too! (the swatch pictures will be a part of my permanent shop swatch page, linked at the top of the blog under my logo) Also, thanks to Daniela of the Caffeinated Knitting podcast for helping me knit two of these swatches! 🙂

Also, another announcement… next week’s update will also be all-Halloween (although markedly smaller…), and after next week I will be going to scheduled updates in the shop. I have a really big dye project going on right now, as well as getting ready for fall festival season, so I need to be able to focus a little more on other things in addition to regular updates. My updates will still be on Tuesdays, and I will have a update schedule available in the sidebar of the shop blog once I set it (as well as on my group page on Ravelry, on the front page of the shop, etc.- you’ll be able to find it easily!). The updates will be bigger since they won’t be happening quite as frequently, so you’ll have more to choose from when I update. I hope you guys understand my need to make this transition, and continue to support my shop.

Thanks so much for reading this far, and I hope you’ll pick up some fun Halloween goodies for yourself today at 4pmET!



NEW 2014 Halloween Colorways Preview!!

Hey all! As promised, I want to give you a preview of this year’s Halloween colorways… imagine a drumroll here…

2014 Halloween Colorways

2014 Halloween Colorways

Top: Burning Rain of Death, I Put A Spell On You

Bottom: Amuck Amuck Amuck, Come Little Children


These colorways are inspired by one of my favorite Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus. I watched this movie a LOT before I started dyeing these lovelies up, and I wanted to show you a couple of the inspiration pictures.

Inpsiration for "Come Little Children"

Inpsiration for “Come Little Children”

Inspiration for "Amuck Amuck Amuck"

Inspiration for “Amuck Amuck Amuck”

Inspiration for "I Put A Spell On You"

Inspiration for “I Put A Spell On You”

Burning Rain of Death was more from my imagination than from an inspiration picture… but I think the colors suit the name, don’t you?


As I’ve mentioned, next week’s 8/5/14 shop update will be all-Halloween. I will have each of these colorways on a variety of yarn bases (and fiber too, but just a few on fiber), as well as re-issues of all of my previous Halloween colorways that you know and love. You’ll be seeing more of Teen Wolf, Goth Girl, Transylvania Tramp, O Negative, Halloweenie, and Ghoulish, on both yarn and fiber. Also new in the shop in the update: mini skein sets of ALL of my Halloween colorways! Each kit will have 10 mini skeins of 30 yards apiece, for a total of 300 yards! There will be a limited number of these kits available, and when they’re gone they’re gone, so be sure to get to the update on time if you want one!

I’ve been busy knitting swatches of these colorways so you can see how they knit up, and will be posting them later in the weekend. Stop back by to see! 🙂