NEW 2014 Halloween Colorways Preview!!

Hey all! As promised, I want to give you a preview of this year’s Halloween colorways… imagine a drumroll here…

2014 Halloween Colorways

2014 Halloween Colorways

Top: Burning Rain of Death, I Put A Spell On You

Bottom: Amuck Amuck Amuck, Come Little Children


These colorways are inspired by one of my favorite Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus. I watched this movie a LOT before I started dyeing these lovelies up, and I wanted to show you a couple of the inspiration pictures.

Inpsiration for "Come Little Children"

Inpsiration for “Come Little Children”

Inspiration for "Amuck Amuck Amuck"

Inspiration for “Amuck Amuck Amuck”

Inspiration for "I Put A Spell On You"

Inspiration for “I Put A Spell On You”

Burning Rain of Death was more from my imagination than from an inspiration picture… but I think the colors suit the name, don’t you?


As I’ve mentioned, next week’s 8/5/14 shop update will be all-Halloween. I will have each of these colorways on a variety of yarn bases (and fiber too, but just a few on fiber), as well as re-issues of all of my previous Halloween colorways that you know and love. You’ll be seeing more of Teen Wolf, Goth Girl, Transylvania Tramp, O Negative, Halloweenie, and Ghoulish, on both yarn and fiber. Also new in the shop in the update: mini skein sets of ALL of my Halloween colorways! Each kit will have 10 mini skeins of 30 yards apiece, for a total of 300 yards! There will be a limited number of these kits available, and when they’re gone they’re gone, so be sure to get to the update on time if you want one!

I’ve been busy knitting swatches of these colorways so you can see how they knit up, and will be posting them later in the weekend. Stop back by to see! 🙂




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