8.12.14 Another All-Halloween Update and the New Update Schedule

Hi all!

This week’s update is once again all-Halloween, so I hope you love it! This week I’m featuring yarn bases that weren’t listed last week for the most part, plus a lot of fiber.

Not all of the pictures fit in the mosaic, but here is a smattering of what’s listed today:

8.12.14 Yarns

8.12.14 Yarns

Top: Come Little Children Expedition Sport (2), Amuck Amuck Amuck Journey Sock (4), Goth Girl Twinkle Sock (3)

Middle: Burning Rain of Death Journey Sock (4), O Negative Expedition Sport (4), I Put A Spell On You Expedition Sport (2)

Bottom: Ghoulish Expedition Sport (4), Teen Wolf Honeymoon Sock (3), Transylvania Tramp Expedition Sport (4)

Also listed but not pictured: Come Little Children Journey Sock (4), I Put A Spell On You Journey Sock (4), Ghoulish Honeymoon Sock (3), Transylvania Tramp Honeymoon Sock (3), Amuck Amuck Amuck Expedition Sport (2), Burning Rain of Death Expedition Sport (2).

8.12.14 Fibers

8.12.14 Fibers

Top: Teen Wolf Falkland (2), Ghoulish Merino (2)

Middle: Transylvania Tramp BFL/Silk (1), Moldy Pumpkin Falkland (2)

Bottom: Amuck Amuck Amuck BFL/Silk (2), Come Little Children Polwarth (2)


As I mentioned last week, this is the last week of every week updates. Going forward I will be having scheduled updates, and though they’ll always be on Tuesdays, they won’t be every other week or every week. My dye commitments are getting more stringent and I need to be able to budget my time better. This means that the updates I do will be much larger, and I’ll be able to devote more time to doing custom orders and getting ready for shows. The update schedule is shown in the sidebar, and is also on the front page of my Ravelry group. It is available linked at the top of my shop as well.


Thanks so much for your continued support of my shop! I hope you enjoy the goodies listed today!




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