9.16.14 Shop Update: TEALtember, Merry Fallmas, and a NEW colorway!

Hi all! If I had to pick a theme for today’s update, it would definitely be “bigger on the inside.” There are only 12 listings in the update, but those 12 listings are comprised of 43 skeins of yarn! If you visit the shop at update time today, here is a sampling of what you’ll find…

9.16.14 Shop Update

9.16.14 Shop Update

Today is the last chance you’ll have to get TEALtember this year, so if you want some… well, you know the rest. 😉 I’m also re-releasing Merry Fallmas today for the first time this year, and there are a lot of skeins of it available for you! (and if you miss it, there will be more in upcoming updates.)


I am also releasing a brand new colorway called Truly Madly Deeply. It is mostly purple, but has a lot of other colors in it as well if you look closely. I think it’s just gorgeous, and am so excited to have it available on Journey Sock and Touring DK today.

"Truly Madly Deeply" on Journey Sock

“Truly Madly Deeply” on Journey Sock

The update goes live at 4pmET today. I also wanted to let everyone know that I will be on vacation next week (my first trip to Vegas!!), so any purchase made after midnight on Friday night of this week (9/19) will not ship until 9/29. Thanks so much for your understanding! 🙂 Happy shopping!!



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