10.21.14 Shop Update

Hi friends!


This is the last update until 11.11, so I tried to make it a good one! Everything is up in preview mode, and will go live at 4pmET as always.

10.21.14 Yarns

10.21.14 Yarns

10.21.14 Fibers

10.21.14 Fibers


There are three brand new colorways that are making their debut today.

"Bounty" on Honeymoon Sock

“Bounty” on Honeymoon Sock

"Winter Night" on Voyage Aran

“Winter Night” on Voyage Aran

"Island Of Misfit Toys" on Journey Sock

“Island Of Misfit Toys” on Journey Sock

These will now be added into the repeatable colorways catalog, and can be reproduced on most bases (“Winter Night” will have a few small limitations in that regard since it’s space dyed). Also be sure to check out the shop swatch page to see what “Bounty” looks like knit up!


Thanks so much for your continued support of my shop! I hope you see something you love today!




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