11.30.14 Cyber Monday UPDATE and SALE!!

Hi all!


Sorry I didn’t post Thursday’s big update… I ended up having to host Thanksgiving this year and I was absolutely exhausted, so I didn’t bother with mosaics. I made up for it tonight though, by having a huge update and having some mosaics to get you excited beforehand! All of these lovelies are up in preview mode and will be live for purchasing at 9pmET today.

11.30.14 Yarns

11.30.14 Yarns

11 30 14 Yarns and Fibers

11.30.13 Yarns and Fibers

These are not the only listings that are going up tonight… there are lots more, but I just wanted to showcase a few!

And as I always do, this weekend there is a 15% off coupon code for your shopping pleasure… use code TURKEY2014 at checkout to save on any coupon-eligible item! (basically everything is coupon-eligible except for yarn-and-pattern kits and Kookaburra wash) The coupon is good til midnight ET on 12/1, so you still have over 24 hours to use it!


I hope you see something you love! Thanks so much for your continued support!





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