10.1.13 Shop Update

Hi friends!


Once again I’m running late… trying to do too much on shop update days seems to do that to me every time!


Anyways, what you’re here for is to see the update preview, so here ya go:

10.1.13 Yarns

10.1.13 Yarns

Today’s yarns include a set of Faded Graffiti skeins (top left, middle of middle row, and left and right sides of bottom row). The other yarns are as follows: top middle is Arabian Nights, top right is Teen Wolf, middle left is Family Vacation 1960, middle right is Broken Arrow (more on this one in a few), and middle bottom is Birth of Venus.

10.1.13 Fibers

10.1.13 Fibers

Today’s fibers include: top left and bottom middle are Pure Gold on Polwarth/Silk, middle left and top right are Il Cielo on Superwash BFL/Nylon, bottom left and middle right are Teeny Bikini on Polwarth/Silk, and middle top and bottom right are Laura Loves Unwind on Polwarth/Silk.


You guys have seen all of these colorways before except for this one:

"Broken Arrow" on Journey Sock

“Broken Arrow” on Journey Sock

This is a new colorway in my new Easy Listening colorway series, and is named after the Rod Stewart song of the same name (which happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time). It is a really interesting colorway, and one I am very proud of. It has a silver base, and has been overdyed with shades of gold and orange in a light splatter/speckle pattern. It is a very unisex colorway (my husband happens to love it!) and would translate well into larger and smaller projects alike. It is now available for special order for larger quantities if you want it. 🙂


I also wanted to make you all aware that signups for Round 6 of the 2 Crafty Girls Yarn Club are now open, through October 14. This round will be for November and December 2013, and will feature a shipment from me in November, and a shipment from Another Crafty Girl in December. The theme is still Art History, and the cost is $55.50 for US membership and $74 for an international membership. That price includes 2 skeins of 80% superwash merino/20% nylon sock yarn (400yds/100g), 2 inspirational artwork postcards, and shipping for both months. There are 40 spots available, and they will be chosen by Random Number Generator. We will be billing on or by October 16, and all invoices must be paid by October 31. If you’re interested in joining, we’d love to have you! You can find the link to the signup form in this Ravelry post.


One other thing I wanted to address today, since it seems to be coming up a lot in the new shop: you must have cookies enabled in your browser for my shop or you will be unable to check out. It will keep telling you that something is invalid (be it name, address, etc.) and will eventually remove whatever you were attempting to purchase from your cart and put it back in the shop. I know it’s inconvenient, but as my shop is hosted by Big Cartel, this is the way their site works and I can’t change it. Enabling cookies on a site-specific basis (for my site in particular) will alleviate this problem. Thanks for your understanding!!


I hope you all have a great week! See you next week!





Changes to Update Days

Hey friends! I hope this finds you well.

I have been considering making a change for some time, but wanted to be sure that I gave it a lot of thought before implementing anything new. It is becoming necessary for me to rethink my updates because my schedule is getting more and more demanding, and I don’t want the shop to suffer because of it. I have decided to stop having twice weekly updates, and have just one update a week, on Tuesdays at 4pmET. I want to give both North American and International customers the best chance possible to shop when there is a good selection. The updates will be larger because I will have more time to prepare for them, and it will also free me up to do more custom orders as they arise.

That being said, there will be no shop update this Thursday 4/4, but the update will now be moved to Tuesday 4/9. I thank all of you so much for your continued support, and appreciate your patience as I make this important transition.



2.21.13 Shop Update Preview

Hi friends! Sorry about missing Monday’s update preview post… I got caught up in dyeing and almost missed getting the update done on time!

Here is today’s 2pmET shop update preview:

2.21.13 Shop Update

2.21.13 Shop Update

Included in this update in the top-right corner is a colorway I’m bringing back after not dyeing it for a long time. It’s a lovely semisolid blue-gray called Smokin’ Barrel, and is the perfect unisex color. Today’s it’s available on Touring DK, but it will be showing up on other bases very soon. In the bottom middle is a colorway I just brought back on Monday, called September Sky. It’s mostly white with little blips of bright clear blue. I think it will be especially beautiful knit up. It is going up on Aran weight today, but there are two skeins of Weekend Sock in the same colorway already up in the shop if you’re interested.

I also wanted to call your attention to the Repeatable Colorways pages on the blog, linked right under the blog header. I have been adding lots of colorways lately, so if you haven’t checked it out in a few weeks, please take a look! I have 3 more colorways drying right now as well, and those will be going up in the pages this weekend. Right now I have about 30-40 more colorways to dye, rehank, and photograph, and then I’ll have my existing colorways all available for you to look through. And of course, I’ve got lots of ideas for new colorways too, so those will be added as I dye them. I hope you guys enjoy looking through what I’ve done so far! As always, if you’re interested in ordering any of them as a custom order, please feel free to contact me through the shop!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for your support!



11/19/12 Shop Update Preview and Some Musings

Hey guys! Here is tonight’s update preview… a smaller one this time, since I’m doing the humongo one on Thursday night.

11/19/12 Shop Update

Sometimes, as much as I try to make things come out how I want, dyelots have a mind of their own. Such is the case in the four skeins of red yarn in tonight’s update. Believe it or not, they are actually “Faded Graffiti” skeins that just wanted to be red. I did nothing different than I usually do when I dye “Faded Graffiti”… but for some reason this time they just pulled red. I have no idea if I could ever duplicate these results, but I think that’s part of what I love about handdyeing sometimes… mistakes can be just as beautiful as intentional colorways. In case you’re wanting enough yarn to make a larger project, these skeins are on my Journey base, which is 80% superwash merino/20% nylon, 400yds/100g a skein, so there is 1600 yards available in this lot, and they all match pretty well. Just a thought. 😉

Anyway, I hope you see something you love, and thanks again for checking out my blog! Be sure to check back in a day or two, as I’ll have the enormous Black Friday Weekend update preview up soon!


11/8/12 Shop Update, Voyage Aran spotlight, and some musings

Hey friends! Here is today’s shop update preview. It goes live at 2pmET (normal Thursday update time).

11-8-12 Shop Update

Once again, while getting this update put together, I found more of my Halloween fiber (this time on Transylvania Tramp on Polwarth!) and am listing it in the SALE section of the shop for 25% off. This will probably be the last of it until next Halloween, unless I manage to unearth another braid or skein in my SAFF stock as I continue to move it into shop stock.

Today I am starting the practice dyeing for my November installment of the 2 Crafty Girls yarn club I do with my buddy, ponkie (aka Another Crafty Girl). The theme for this round is “Kevin Bacon Movie Night”, and I have a really fantastic idea and can’t wait to see how it comes out! It is a bit out of my normal comfort zone but I’ve been trying to branch out a bit lately, and I think it’s been pretty successful so far. 🙂

While doing the practice dyeing for the club, I’m also taking the opportunity to test dye some new prospective yarns for the shop. I am evaluating a trio of DK weight yarns, and I hope to pick one to debut by the end of the month, and will hopefully be debuting a sportweight in December (have not made up my mind on which one I want of those, either). For the longest time I’ve only done fingering/sock weight yarn, but I’ve started to see a trend amongst smaller indies like myself toward having heavier weights available in our dye lines, and so far it seems to be catching on with the knitting public at large. I hope the trend continues, and that it is a success in my shop, because there’s something so much fun about dyeing large lots of heavier weight yarns for larger projects! I already plan to make a sweater for myself out of whatever DK weight I choose, and I’ve recently become addicted to knitting sportweight socks so I’m sure there are a lot of those in my future as well.

Speaking of new weights, have you seen my new Aran weight base? It is called Voyage Aran and it is just so luscious! It is a nice round 3ply yarn in a wonderful squishy 100% British bluefaced leicester wool. If you enjoy making felted soakers, this yarn is DEFINITELY one you want to take a look at. It’s also great for accessory projects, and I could definitely see knitting a sweater out of it. There are several skeins of this yarn going up in today’s update: one skein in Abalone (the last of a dyelot, I’m afraid) and 4 skeins of Sakura. Since each skein is 181yds/100g, a skein will easily make a hat (or two!), and the four skeins of Sakura would make a great vest or accessory set! Here are larger pictures of the two colorways of Voyage that are going up today. (click the picture to see more detail!)

“Sakura” Voyage Aran (4 skeins available)

“Abalone” Voyage Aran (1 skein avaiable)

I actually knit a hat with one of the skeins of Abalone from the same dyelot pictured, and it is SO much fun. All I have is my horrible cell phone picture from my Ravelry project page, so forgive the quality.

“Gehry” Hat

I used 1/2 skein of Voyage Aran and the Gehry pattern from Ravelry and size US9 & 10.5 needles. Love it!

Well I guess that’s all for me today. I hope you guys enjoy the update, and as always, thanks for reading!



Survey- Etsy checkout methods

So I am currently evaluating the new Etsy Direct Checkout Method and considering offering it in my shop, and I’d love your input. Would you guys mind taking a survey for me? Your responses are completely anonymous and confidential. Thank you!

Take the survey here.

I am hesitant to offer Direct Checkout for a few reasons… and I want to share those with you guys, so that you can better understand why I (and other Etsy sellers) did not immediately start offering Direct Checkout as soon as it was made available.

1. Etsy Direct Checkout holds a seller’s money for multiple days, which makes preorders  and deposits for custom orders very complicated. The current setup only releases the money to the seller’s account after the seller has provided shipment information, or after 3 days, whichever is longer. While I’m sure this would work out for a seller who only sells ready-to-ship items, I do a fairly large amount of custom orders and preorders in my shop. I use deposits for custom orders and preorders to pay for the stock I need to dye those orders, and if that money isn’t released til the item has been shipped, then it’s almost pointless to do deposits.

2. The fees associated with Etsy Direct Checkout are substantially higher than those associated with PayPal. This is fairly self-explanatory… it can lead to price increases over time, especially when a seller is mainly dealing in lower-cost items where the profit margin on each item is a lot smaller. Add in coupon codes, and the profit margin becomes even smaller.

3. Etsy is not very seller-friendly when it comes to disputes. I have had more than one situation where a customer was being dishonest, and Etsy would not take up for me as a seller. I understand that the customer should not have to prove that they are telling the truth when dealing with a dispute with a seller (and I have not had to deal with this but three times in my 6 years of business, because I have AWESOME customers on the whole!) but when a seller can readily prove that the customer is lying about not receiving product, or not receiving a refund, then Etsy should not take the customer’s side. And having Etsy be the end-all-be-all arbiter in a dispute makes me very, very nervous.

4. When money goes into my PayPal account, it is immediately available for my use with my PayPal debit card. I can use that money to buy stock  the very same day if I want/need to, or supplies for my business, or what have you. Having the money someone just paid for my item tied up in my Etsy shop account would hamper my ability to use the money I make as soon as I make it (and it can be really down-to-the-wire to make money and have it immediately go out the door for stock or supplies… having that money tied up would be catastrophic during really high-volume times in my shop!).

All of that being said, I am still considering adding Direct Checkout to my site for two reasons:

1. Etsy gift cards. I think it would be absolutely awesome to be able to accept gift cards on Etsy! (and use them myself too!) There are a lot of people I’d love to give an Etsy gift card to, and I’d be honored if someone could use one of the gift cards in my shop.

2. Some customers just don’t like PayPal, and I like the option of giving them an alternative payment method.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you have a strong opinion about Direct Checkout one way or the other? I’d love to hear from you! Please take the survey linked above, and feel free to leave a comment here on the blog! (of course, blog comments will be visible for all to see, and the survey responses will be completely anonymous… so keep that in mind! thanks!)



Hi everybody!

After not blogging for a very long time, I have decided to start a blog just for my Etsy shop! On this blog you will find notifications of shop updates and new products, sales, coupon codes, and just random musings and previews of new colorways. You might occasionally get a survey or two as well!

Thanks so much for all of your support over the last 6 years of my business, and I look forward to sharing more of my creative process with you guys!