9.9.14 Shop Update, TEALtember returns!, and a NEW shop swatch!

Hello all! I’m really excited to share today’s shop update with you. I’m re-releasing TEALtember today, which was probably my most-ordered colorway last year… and based on the response on Instagram, it’s shaping up to be incredibly popular today as well!

TEALtember goodies!

TEALtember goodies!

Just in case you weren’t a customer last year, I want to share some information with you about TEALtember and what it stands for…

Some facts about ovarian cancer (taken from http://www.cdc.gov):
* causes more deaths than any other female reproductive cancer, but it accounts for only about 3% of all cancers in women
* each year, about 20,000 women in the United States get ovarian cancer
* among women, ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer and the fifth leading cause of cancer death, after lung and bronchus, breast, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers

TEALtember started to raise awareness about this very terrifying and life-threatening form of cancer. For the month of Spetember, women all over the world paint their nails and toenails teal, wear teal, and talk about ovarian cancer to anyone and everyone they come in contact with. We might not be able to totally prevent this cancer yet, but we can raise awareness and hopefully encourage one another to stay up-to-date with our medical exams and know our bodies well enough to recognize symptoms that something isn’t right. Early diagnosis is the key to beating this disease.

This is a cause that I feel very strongly about, and wanted to do a special colorway to recognize. In lieu of me donating money on behalf of my customers, I have discounted all TEALtember yarns and fibers by $2 per item and hope that you will donate that amount (plus whatever else you can afford) to one of the following ovarian cancer foundations:

Because I am discounting this colorway already, PLEASE do not use any sort of coupon code or discount (this includes shop swatch discounts!!!) on this colorway. I want to support this cause, but I do have to make a living too… I’m sure all of you understand this.

TEALtember is up in the shop today on Journey Sock (8 skeins), Honeymoon Sock (4 skeins), Expedition Sport (4 skeins), and Touring DK (2 skeins), as well as on Polwarth/Silk (3 braids), Merino/Silk (2 braids), and Overdyed Gray Merino (3 braids). This colorway is NOT available for custom order at this time. I will have this colorway in the next update too, so if you miss it in this update, be sure to check back next week!


And now for the rest of the update:

9.6.14 Yarns

9.9.14 Yarns

Top: Evergreen Touring DK (5), Fidelity Expedition Sport (2), Waterlilies Touring DK (2)

Middle: Waterlilies Journey Sock (2), Teeny Bikini Voyage Aran (4), Love Note Journey Sock (1)

Bottom: Stop & Smell The Poppies Voyage Aran (4), Terra Nova Journey Sock (1), Come Little Children Journey Sock (1)

And a quick note about Waterlilies… this colorway was my January 2014 2 Crafty Girls Club installment, and this is the first time that I have made it available in the shop to the public. It was inspired by my favorite iteration of Monet’s Waterlilies, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

I also wanted to share the most recent shop swatch, this time of Love Note on Journey Sock:

"Love Note" on Journey Sock

“Love Note” on Journey Sock

This swatch was knit in the round on US2 double pointed needles, 60 stitches around, which is the same way I usually knit a pair of stockinette socks. I hope this picture helps you to see what this yarn looks like worked up, and that you love it like I do! 🙂 (and as with all of my shop swatches, they’re available for perusal at any time by clicking the “shop swatch examples” link above, under the blog header.)


And now for the fibers…

9.6.14 Fibers

9.9.14 Fibers

Top: Dandy Polwarth

Middle: Cerulean Swirl BFL, Peach Crumble Falkland, Aurora Borealis Corriedale

Bottom: Dandy Polwarth


Another announcement…. my husband and I have planned a surprise vacation the third week of this month, so the second update of the month has been moved to next Tuesday, 9/16 at 4pmET. I plan to have more TEALtember, as well as the return of Merry Fallmas (last year’s second-most-popular colorway!) on both yarn and fiber.


Last but not least, I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram (my username is dana_of_unwind) to see little sneak peeks of what will go up in updates, behind-the-scenes pics of what it’s like to be a full-time dyer, etc.! My Instagram profile is set to private, so you’ll have to request to follow me; a word of caution though: I only approve people who have their Ravelry name clearly marked in their profile, whose profile contains the words “knitting” or “spinning”, or who have pictures of knitting or spinning easily viewable from their profile (aka not marked private). I’ve had a rash of underage people who appear to be non-knitters trying to follow me (why on earth they’d want to, I have no idea… I would seem very boring to someone like that I think!) so I’m having to be careful about approving people unless I know for sure they are knitters or spinners, or know me in real life. So if I don’t approve you because your profile doesn’t meet the criteria I outlined above, shoot me an email at unwindyarncompany (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me your username so I can add you. 🙂


I hope you guys have a great week!




Birth of Venus Cowl KAL and Preorders!

Hello all!

I’m sorry I didn’t post about this earlier, but I wanted to let all of you know…

I am so excited to announce that I will be hosting a KAL from March 1 through April 30 for the new Birth of Venus Cowl pattern from talented designer Karalee Harding!
Karalee is ksh on Ravelry, and she has designed a beautiful cowl pattern for my Birth of Venus colorway (2 Crafty Girls Club Feb 2013), in both fingering and DK weight. Both versions only take one skein, so this is the perfect quick-knit project! Starting February 1, I have Birth of Venus available in the shop for preorder on Journey Sock ($24), Touring DK ($24) (all plus shipping) so that you can make the cowl in the shown yarn, and it will also be offered on Luxe Sock ($29) for those of you who love cashmere bases. There will be a limit of 40 skeins of each type available, and only until February 28; after that  it won’t be offered again as a custom order until July. Please check out the shop listings at unwindyarncompany.com for all details on the preorders. The KAL will be hosted in my Unwind Yarn Company group on Ravelry. The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry here. Karalee and I hope you’ll join us for this KAL!

Shop Update 1.10.12 and Duckie Preorders

Hello everybody! It’s that time again… the Thursday shop update preview!

1.10.12 Shop Update

1.10.12 Shop Update

Today we have some Twinkle Sock, Expedition Sport, and Touring DK yarn, as well as BFL/Silk, BFL, Moorit Shetland, and Corriedale roving. I am particularly enamored of the Morning Surf Touring DK yarn (bottom right in the mosaic). I hope you see something you love, and if not, then be sure to check back soon! The next shop update is scheduled for Monday January 14 at 8pmET.

Also in this update, I am opening preorders for the colorway I did for the  July 2012 shipment of the 2 Crafty Girls club, Duckie.

Test 1 pic 2

Duckie on Journey Sock

You might ask why I am doing this yarn as a preorder. Well, quite honestly, it is the most difficult dyeing I have ever done in my 6+ years of dyeing- it is a very very intensive process and just the dyework alone takes over 2 hours per skein. That is a lot of work to put into a skein of yarn without knowing for sure that it is headed to a loving home, so that’s why I’ve decided to open up preorders. There will be 8 skeins available on Journey Sock, 8 skeins on Weekend Sock, and 8 skeins on Luxe Sock available for preorder. If there is more interest, I will be glad to add more. Just shoot me an email!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful week, and I’ll talk to you soon!



11/15/12 Shop Update

Hi friends! It is a busy day here at Unwind Yarn Company headquarters… lots of little tasks needing to get done, but I didn’t want to let the update go by without posting about it!

11/15/12 Shop Update

In this update we have some favorite colorways: Sanibel Stoop, Abalone, Bougainvillea, and Peach Crumble. There is also a nonrepeatable braid of BFL in Reef, which is a one (two?) off. I believe there is another braid of Reef going up in the next few weeks in case you like it and miss it in this update, but after that it won’t be in the shop again.

In dyeing news, I am almost finished with dyeing the November installment of the 2 Crafty Girls club! Hooray! I believe I have 16 more skeins to dye, then I’ll be done and ready to ship. I’ve spent most of the morning rewinding what I already have done. I plan to ship the international packages Monday (11/19) with the domestic packages to follow on Wednesday (11/21). Be on the lookout for a spoiler in the 2 Crafty Girls group on Ravelry!

Til next time… enjoy your week, and as always, thanks for your support!



11/8/12 Shop Update, Voyage Aran spotlight, and some musings

Hey friends! Here is today’s shop update preview. It goes live at 2pmET (normal Thursday update time).

11-8-12 Shop Update

Once again, while getting this update put together, I found more of my Halloween fiber (this time on Transylvania Tramp on Polwarth!) and am listing it in the SALE section of the shop for 25% off. This will probably be the last of it until next Halloween, unless I manage to unearth another braid or skein in my SAFF stock as I continue to move it into shop stock.

Today I am starting the practice dyeing for my November installment of the 2 Crafty Girls yarn club I do with my buddy, ponkie (aka Another Crafty Girl). The theme for this round is “Kevin Bacon Movie Night”, and I have a really fantastic idea and can’t wait to see how it comes out! It is a bit out of my normal comfort zone but I’ve been trying to branch out a bit lately, and I think it’s been pretty successful so far. 🙂

While doing the practice dyeing for the club, I’m also taking the opportunity to test dye some new prospective yarns for the shop. I am evaluating a trio of DK weight yarns, and I hope to pick one to debut by the end of the month, and will hopefully be debuting a sportweight in December (have not made up my mind on which one I want of those, either). For the longest time I’ve only done fingering/sock weight yarn, but I’ve started to see a trend amongst smaller indies like myself toward having heavier weights available in our dye lines, and so far it seems to be catching on with the knitting public at large. I hope the trend continues, and that it is a success in my shop, because there’s something so much fun about dyeing large lots of heavier weight yarns for larger projects! I already plan to make a sweater for myself out of whatever DK weight I choose, and I’ve recently become addicted to knitting sportweight socks so I’m sure there are a lot of those in my future as well.

Speaking of new weights, have you seen my new Aran weight base? It is called Voyage Aran and it is just so luscious! It is a nice round 3ply yarn in a wonderful squishy 100% British bluefaced leicester wool. If you enjoy making felted soakers, this yarn is DEFINITELY one you want to take a look at. It’s also great for accessory projects, and I could definitely see knitting a sweater out of it. There are several skeins of this yarn going up in today’s update: one skein in Abalone (the last of a dyelot, I’m afraid) and 4 skeins of Sakura. Since each skein is 181yds/100g, a skein will easily make a hat (or two!), and the four skeins of Sakura would make a great vest or accessory set! Here are larger pictures of the two colorways of Voyage that are going up today. (click the picture to see more detail!)

“Sakura” Voyage Aran (4 skeins available)

“Abalone” Voyage Aran (1 skein avaiable)

I actually knit a hat with one of the skeins of Abalone from the same dyelot pictured, and it is SO much fun. All I have is my horrible cell phone picture from my Ravelry project page, so forgive the quality.

“Gehry” Hat

I used 1/2 skein of Voyage Aran and the Gehry pattern from Ravelry and size US9 & 10.5 needles. Love it!

Well I guess that’s all for me today. I hope you guys enjoy the update, and as always, thanks for reading!