July 27 Update

Hi folks!

After a very long hiatus, I’ve decided to attempt to start blogging again. I can’t guarantee any sort of regular schedule, but I’d like to try to give my customers more insight into the workings of Unwind, my creative process, and give proper accolades for projects made out of my yarns. 🙂

Today I am doing a shop update at 2pmET, and these beauties are available to buy:


Top: A Good Place on Twinkle Sock; Middle: Shampoo Accident on Twinkle Sock; Bottom: Birth Of Venus on Luxe Sock

I’m sure longtime customers will remember Birth of Venus, as it’s been one of my most popular colorways since I dyed it for the 2 Crafty Girls club back in 2013. Indeed, it is one of the most beautiful, in my opinion, and knits up into fascinatingly complex projects.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 12.53.12 PM

The Birth of Venus cowl, designed for this colorway by Karalee Harding and knitted by me

The other two colorways are new today though, and one in particular bears a fun name I’d like to explain.


Top: Shampoo Accident, Bottom: A Good Place

As my friends could tell you if you asked them, I’m only borderline adventurous. I love my tattoos, and I’ve been known to dress crazy just to irritate my very taupe-loving husband. He is very simple and “Steady Eddie” in his appearance choices, and would rather I be the same. I, however, disagree and took his absence during his last work trip to South Korea to get my hair dyed in an ombre of pink, purple, and peach. I nervously waited for him to arrive home, thinking there would be some sort of blowup, but he said nothing until we went to bed that night. While lying there in bed, he said “um… did you know your hair is a weird color?” to which I put on a huge act of saying “WHAAAAAT? What do you MEAN?!” (like I had no clue) and he said “Well I thought maybe you’d had a shampoo accident and didn’t notice.” (I truly had no idea I was such a good actress. Apparently I missed an awesome career opportunity.) So there you have it! The story of the colorway name, and something I will tease him about until death do us part.

I hope you love these new colorways as much as I do, and take a look around the shop to see what else is new! 🙂 As always you can find the shop at unwindyarncompany.com.


1.13.15 Shop Update: NEW Colorways!!

Hi all, and happy new year!! I hope 2015 has been kind to you so far. I had sinus issues for the first week of the year, so getting this update ready was a Herculean feat of sorts for me.

Going up today you’ll find the following lovelies:

1.13.15 Yarns Part 1

1.13.15 Yarns Part 1

1.13.15 Yarns and Fibers Part 2

1.13.15 Yarns and Fibers Part 2

As you can see, this is a BIG update. I worked really hard to get some colorways that are always popular dyed up, as well as four NEW colorways that I’ll talk about in a second. I also dyed quite a bit of fiber: the last of the Merino/Silk and the last of the Falkland that I have in stock are listed today. I will not be restocking these fibers, so if you like any of these braids it would be in your best interest to go ahead and purchase while they’re available.

I dyed two brand new colorways on fiber that will be available on yarn soon as well:

Meyer Lemon on Falkland

Meyer Lemon on Falkland

Raspberry on Merino/Silk

Raspberry on Merino/Silk


I also dyed two colorways on yarn that are very special (and will only be available on yarn):

Bird On A Wire on Journey Sock

Bird On A Wire on Journey Sock

Trunkless Elephants on Journey Sock

Trunkless Elephants on Journey Sock

I didn’t get a chance to get Bird On A Wire swatched for you to see, but a friend is knitting with Trunkless Elephants on Glisten DK right now and graciously sent me a picture of her work-in-progress so you can see how it knits up.

Trunkless Elephants swatch

Trunkless Elephants swatch

As you can see, it knits up beautifully variegated with no pooling. I hope you love it as much as I do! I have a skein of it on Journey Sock set aside for a pair of socks (or maybe a shawl?) very soon!

Now I get to go record a podcast episode with Brittany, so I’d better hustle! Don’t forget that the update goes live at 4pmET, but you can go check out the listings beforehand if you choose to. Happy shopping!




9.9.14 Shop Update, TEALtember returns!, and a NEW shop swatch!

Hello all! I’m really excited to share today’s shop update with you. I’m re-releasing TEALtember today, which was probably my most-ordered colorway last year… and based on the response on Instagram, it’s shaping up to be incredibly popular today as well!

TEALtember goodies!

TEALtember goodies!

Just in case you weren’t a customer last year, I want to share some information with you about TEALtember and what it stands for…

Some facts about ovarian cancer (taken from http://www.cdc.gov):
* causes more deaths than any other female reproductive cancer, but it accounts for only about 3% of all cancers in women
* each year, about 20,000 women in the United States get ovarian cancer
* among women, ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer and the fifth leading cause of cancer death, after lung and bronchus, breast, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers

TEALtember started to raise awareness about this very terrifying and life-threatening form of cancer. For the month of Spetember, women all over the world paint their nails and toenails teal, wear teal, and talk about ovarian cancer to anyone and everyone they come in contact with. We might not be able to totally prevent this cancer yet, but we can raise awareness and hopefully encourage one another to stay up-to-date with our medical exams and know our bodies well enough to recognize symptoms that something isn’t right. Early diagnosis is the key to beating this disease.

This is a cause that I feel very strongly about, and wanted to do a special colorway to recognize. In lieu of me donating money on behalf of my customers, I have discounted all TEALtember yarns and fibers by $2 per item and hope that you will donate that amount (plus whatever else you can afford) to one of the following ovarian cancer foundations:

Because I am discounting this colorway already, PLEASE do not use any sort of coupon code or discount (this includes shop swatch discounts!!!) on this colorway. I want to support this cause, but I do have to make a living too… I’m sure all of you understand this.

TEALtember is up in the shop today on Journey Sock (8 skeins), Honeymoon Sock (4 skeins), Expedition Sport (4 skeins), and Touring DK (2 skeins), as well as on Polwarth/Silk (3 braids), Merino/Silk (2 braids), and Overdyed Gray Merino (3 braids). This colorway is NOT available for custom order at this time. I will have this colorway in the next update too, so if you miss it in this update, be sure to check back next week!


And now for the rest of the update:

9.6.14 Yarns

9.9.14 Yarns

Top: Evergreen Touring DK (5), Fidelity Expedition Sport (2), Waterlilies Touring DK (2)

Middle: Waterlilies Journey Sock (2), Teeny Bikini Voyage Aran (4), Love Note Journey Sock (1)

Bottom: Stop & Smell The Poppies Voyage Aran (4), Terra Nova Journey Sock (1), Come Little Children Journey Sock (1)

And a quick note about Waterlilies… this colorway was my January 2014 2 Crafty Girls Club installment, and this is the first time that I have made it available in the shop to the public. It was inspired by my favorite iteration of Monet’s Waterlilies, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

I also wanted to share the most recent shop swatch, this time of Love Note on Journey Sock:

"Love Note" on Journey Sock

“Love Note” on Journey Sock

This swatch was knit in the round on US2 double pointed needles, 60 stitches around, which is the same way I usually knit a pair of stockinette socks. I hope this picture helps you to see what this yarn looks like worked up, and that you love it like I do! 🙂 (and as with all of my shop swatches, they’re available for perusal at any time by clicking the “shop swatch examples” link above, under the blog header.)


And now for the fibers…

9.6.14 Fibers

9.9.14 Fibers

Top: Dandy Polwarth

Middle: Cerulean Swirl BFL, Peach Crumble Falkland, Aurora Borealis Corriedale

Bottom: Dandy Polwarth


Another announcement…. my husband and I have planned a surprise vacation the third week of this month, so the second update of the month has been moved to next Tuesday, 9/16 at 4pmET. I plan to have more TEALtember, as well as the return of Merry Fallmas (last year’s second-most-popular colorway!) on both yarn and fiber.


Last but not least, I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram (my username is dana_of_unwind) to see little sneak peeks of what will go up in updates, behind-the-scenes pics of what it’s like to be a full-time dyer, etc.! My Instagram profile is set to private, so you’ll have to request to follow me; a word of caution though: I only approve people who have their Ravelry name clearly marked in their profile, whose profile contains the words “knitting” or “spinning”, or who have pictures of knitting or spinning easily viewable from their profile (aka not marked private). I’ve had a rash of underage people who appear to be non-knitters trying to follow me (why on earth they’d want to, I have no idea… I would seem very boring to someone like that I think!) so I’m having to be careful about approving people unless I know for sure they are knitters or spinners, or know me in real life. So if I don’t approve you because your profile doesn’t meet the criteria I outlined above, shoot me an email at unwindyarncompany (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me your username so I can add you. 🙂


I hope you guys have a great week!




8.26.14 Shop Update and a NEW Shop Swatch!

Hi everyone, it’s shop update day again! 🙂 Everything is already up in the shop in preview mode, and will be available for purchase at 4pmET.

New in the shop today are…

8.26.14 Yarns

8.26.14 Yarns

Top: Halloweenie Journey Sock (2), Bonnie Wee Thing Voyage Aran (4), Come Little Children Journey Sock (2)

Middle: Laura Loves Unwind Touring DK (2), Mini Skeins Set- Assorted Colorways (8), TEALtember Twinkle Sock (2)

Bottom: Bloody Big Scot Journey Sock (2), Sarasota Journey Sock (1), I Put A Spell On You Journey Sock (4)


8.26.14 Fibers

8.26.14 Fibers

Far left: OOAK Merino/Silk

Top two: Bougainvillea Swirl BFL, Lava Flow BFL

Bottom two: Lava Flow BFL, Bougainvillea Swirl BFL


8.26.14 Batts

8.26.14 Batts

All of these batts are over 1.5oz, all have minimal sparkle, and are blends of wool with some of them containing nylon, silk, and firestar.


As you see, there are some things in this update that I haven’t had in the shop in a while… namely, the Kaleidoscope Batts, another limited-edition Miniskein set (only 8 available!), and some Aran weight yarn since it’ll be fall soon. I hope you’ll consider trying something new today!


I also wanted to share another shop swatch with you… this one of Bloody Big Scot on Journey Sock.

"Bloody Big Scot" on Journey Sock knit by Dana

“Bloody Big Scot” on Journey Sock knit by Dana

As most of you know, this is one of my new Outlander colorways for 2014. It features the colors of the Fraser clan tartan with a generous amount of white for contrast. This swatch was knit on size US2 double pointed needles, on 60 stitches in the round. I hope this gives you a good idea of what a sock leg would look like in this gorgeous yarn!


Thanks so much for checking out the blog today, and I hope you see something you love in the update! Thanks for your continued support of my shop! 🙂




8.5.14 The ALL-HALLOWEEN Update!!

Ok I know if you love Halloween and Halloween colors as much as I do, you’ve probably been waiting for all of your favorite indies to come out with their Halloween colors for this year. I have been working very hard to make sure that my colors this year are the best I’ve ever done, and if I do say so myself, I think I outdid myself. 😉

This week’s update is all-Halloween. I not only have the four new colors for this year, but I am re-releasing all of the past two years’ colorways as well. Here ya go!

A sampling of the yarns!

A sampling of the yarns!

This is just a sampling of the yarns that will go up today. Each of the new colorways are available on multiple bases, and the older colorways are available on one base each.

Top: I Put A Spell On You Twinkle Sock (1), Transylvania Tramp Honeymoon Sock (2), O Negative Luxe Sock (2)

Middle: Halloweenie Luxe Sock (3), Come Little Children Twinkle Sock (2), Goth Girl Twinkle Sock (2)

Bottom: Burning Rain of Death Twinkle Sock (2), Ghoulish Honeymoon Sock (2), Amuck Amuck Amuck Twinkle Sock (2)


8.5.14 Fibers

8.5.14 Fibers

Top: Burning Rain of Death BFL/Silk (2), Moldy Pumpkin Falkland (2), Goth Girl Gray Merino (2)

Middle: Teen Wolf Falkland (2), I Put A Spell On You Corriedale (2), Come Little Children Merino (2)

Bottom: Ghoulish BFL/Silk (2), Transylvania Tramp Merino (2), Amuck Amuck Amuck Merino (2)

As you can see, there are 2 each of all of the fibers.

8.5.14... the ones that wouldn't fit in the 9 tile mosaics!

8.5.14… the ones that wouldn’t fit in the 9 tile mosaics!

And these guys wouldn’t fit in the mosaics above, so I made a special one just for them! Pictured are the Halloween MiniSkein kits (more about those in a second), O Negative Gray Merino (2 available), and Teen Wolf Honeymoon Sock (2 available).

Now, about the MiniSkein kits…

Halloween MiniSkeins Kit

Halloween MiniSkeins Kit

These kits are a special edition, and there are only 13 of them available in this update. Once they sell out they won’t be repeated, so if you would like one, be sure to be on time for the update! There are minis of each of my colors that I’ve done for Halloween over the last 3 years…

From 2012: Ghoulish, Transylvania Tramp, O Negative, Halloweenie

From 2013: Teen Wolf, Goth Girl

From 2014: I Put A Spell On You, Amuck Amuck Amuck, Come Little Children, Burning Rain of Death

Each miniskein is 30 yards are there are a total of 10 in the set for a total of 300 yards. They are all dyed on my Honeymoon Sock base, which is 100% superwash merino and a true fingering weight (7-8 stitch = 1″ on US1-3 needles). This kit would be great for any of the popular miniskein projects out right now: Barn Raising Quilt, Beekeeper’s Quilt (aka hexipuffs), scrappy scarves, funky socks… lots of ideas out there! Just be sure to be on time for the update if you want one!

I also want to show you some shop swatches knit up of my new Halloween colorways, so you can get an idea of what they’ll look like if you purchase them:

2014 Halloween Colorway Swatches

2014 Halloween Colorway Swatches

Top: I Put A Spell On You, Burning Rain of Death

Bottom: Come Little Children, Amuck Amuck Amuck

As you can see, these yarns tend to spiral pool when knit in the round. The swatches are knit in the round, 60 stitches, to emulate a sock leg. I think the color play is really interesting and fun, and hope you do too! (the swatch pictures will be a part of my permanent shop swatch page, linked at the top of the blog under my logo) Also, thanks to Daniela of the Caffeinated Knitting podcast for helping me knit two of these swatches! 🙂

Also, another announcement… next week’s update will also be all-Halloween (although markedly smaller…), and after next week I will be going to scheduled updates in the shop. I have a really big dye project going on right now, as well as getting ready for fall festival season, so I need to be able to focus a little more on other things in addition to regular updates. My updates will still be on Tuesdays, and I will have a update schedule available in the sidebar of the shop blog once I set it (as well as on my group page on Ravelry, on the front page of the shop, etc.- you’ll be able to find it easily!). The updates will be bigger since they won’t be happening quite as frequently, so you’ll have more to choose from when I update. I hope you guys understand my need to make this transition, and continue to support my shop.

Thanks so much for reading this far, and I hope you’ll pick up some fun Halloween goodies for yourself today at 4pmET!



7.29.14 Shop Update and an Announcement

Hello all! I have today’s shop update all ready to go, and the listings are in preview mode until they are available to purchase at 4pmET.

Going up today…

7.29.14 Shop Update

7.29.14 Shop Update

Top: Warm Cider Touring DK (1), Stop & Smell The Poppies Merino/Silk

Second: After Twilight Honeymoon Sock (2), Save The TaTas Luxe Sock (1)

Third: Stop & Smell The Poppies Merino/Silk, Woodsman BFL

Fourth: Woodsman BFL, OOAK Wanderlust Worsted (1)


As you can see, there is a new colorway debuting today. After Twilight is a creamy green base with speckles of purplish-gray. I have knit up a swatch so you can see what it will work up like:


Swatch of "At Twilight" on Honeymoon Sock  in the stitch pattern from the Hitofude Cardigan

Swatch of “At Twilight” on Honeymoon Sock in the stitch pattern from the Hitofude Cardigan

This swatch is the stitch pattern from the pattern Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu. I plan to knit this sweater out of this exact yarn, so I figured it would be a good chance to kill two birds with one stone: swatch it up for the shop, and get my sweater swatch done at the same time! As you can see, the speckles truly are random, so it is a great garment colorway. There are only two skeins of this colorway going up into the shop today, but it is available for custom order.


I also want to make an announcement… next week is an ALL-HALLOWEEN update, and it is HUGE! Each of my previous years’ colorways (Halloweenie, Ghoulish, Transylvania Tramp, O Negative, Teen Wolf, and Goth Girl) will all be available again on a variety of yarn and fiber bases, as well as FOUR NEW colorways that you’ve never seen! Swatches are currently being knit up of the new colorways, and will be posted a few days before the update so you can plan your shopping. As a matter of fact, I’ll be posting a mosaic of the new colorways later this week so you can see them and get as excited as I am! And I bet you’re going to love the theme I picked too… it’s a popular Halloween movie and probably one of my favorites ever!


Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your support of my shop! I’ll talk to you soon!



7.15.14 Shop Update and a NEW Shop Swatch Colorway

Hello all! I hope today finds you doing well. I am doing my best to stay out of the heat.

Today’s shop update listings are up in preview mode, and will be available for purchase at 4pmET. Here are the lovelies you’ll find today:

7.15.14 Yarns

7.15.14 Yarns

Top row: La Grande Jatte Luxe Sock (2), Gloam Touring DK (1)

Middle row: Rio Honeymoon Sock (1), Bonnie Wee Thing Journey Sock (1)

Bottom row: Bougainvillea Journey Sock (1), Abalone Journey Sock (1)

7.15.14 Fibers

7.15.14 Fibers

Fibers today are two braids of Summer Storm on Swirl BFL and two braids of Midsummer Night’s Dream on Polwarth.

As I posted a few weeks ago, I’m trying to swatch up new colorways as I dye them (which is hard, because sometimes I come up with them faster than I can knit!). This week I am debuting a new colorway in the shop, Rio. This lovely colorway is an underdye of sea blue with speckles of turquoise, purple, brown, and gold. As you can see in the below swatch, this yarn knits up into a lovely speckled swatch and would make a gorgeous project.

Swatch of "Rio" on Honeymoon Sock

Swatch of “Rio” on Honeymoon Sock

This week there is just one skein of Rio available, and it is on my new Honeymoon Sock base, but it is available for custom order if you wish. Just follow the directions linked at the top or bottom of my shop!

As you might have seen on my blog last post, I have marked quite a bit of stuff down in the shop to make room for new colorways and items. I hope you’ll take a minute to check out the sale section! If one of the sale fibers catches your eye, you can use the TOURDEFLEECE14 coupon code on top of the sale price for an extra 10% off!

Thanks so much for your support of my business! Happy shopping!



7.1.14 Shop Update

Hi all! I hope this week finds you doing well. It is over 100 degrees F here with the heat index, so I’m staying indoors as much as possible. It’s making dyeing difficult, but I persevere. 😉

Here are the goodies currently listed in preview mode in the shop; they’ll be available for purchase at 4pmET.

7.1.14 Yarns

7.1.14 Yarns

Top row: Asiatic Lily Touring DK (1), Birth of Venus Journey Sock (1)

Second row: Your Face Is My Heart Honeymoon Sock (1), Stop & Smell The Poppies Journey Sock (1)

Third row: Ultramarine and Graphite Fair Isle Kit (1), Unchained Melody Honeymoon Sock (2)

Fourth row: Midsummer Night’s Dream Journey Sock (1), Peach Crumble Luxe Sock (2)

7.1.14 Fiber

7.1.14 Fiber

Top row: Wisp Falkland, Abalone Superwash BFL, Teeny Bikini Merino/Silk

Middle row: Abalone Superwash BFL, Stop & Smell The Poppies Portuguese Merino

Bottom row: Sarasota Corriedale, Wisp Falkland, Sanibel Stoop Merino/Silk

7.1.14 Knitting Pop Art Necklaces

7.1.14 Knitting Pop Art Necklaces


I also wanted to show you guys a knitted swatch of Your Face Is My Heart, which is one of my new Outlander colorways. I know that sometimes it’s hard to visualize what a yarn will look like knitted up when you’re just looking at a picture of a skein, so I am going to be making a real effort to knit up swatches of my new colors as I release them.

"Your Face Is My Heart" on Honeymoon Sock

“Your Face Is My Heart” on Honeymoon Sock

This swatch was knit on size US2 double pointed needles, and I cast on 60 stitches just like I would for a sock leg if I was going to knit a pair of socks for myself. I hope this gives you a good idea of what it will look like knit up!

Don’t forget about the coupon code for fiber for participants of the Tour de Fleece! You can enter coupon code TOURDEFLEECE14 to save 10% off your fiber purchase (this coupon will only work on fiber), through midnight ET on 7/27.

Thanks so much for your continued support of my shop. I really do have the best customers I could possibly hope for.