Repeatable Colorways A-G on Yarn


“2 Sizes Too Small” on Journey Sock

“A Bushel & A Peck” on Journey Sock

“Abalone” on Touring DK

“After Twilight” on Honeymoon Sock


“Air” on Rendezvous Sport Sock

“Alpine” on Luxe Sock


“Amalfi At Night” on Touring DK

“Amazon” on Weekend Sock

“Another Tequila Sunrise” on Expedition Sport

“Aquarius” on Touring DK

“Arabian Nights” on Journey Sock

“Asiatic Lily” on Journey Sock


“Auld Lang Syne” on Outing Bulky

“Aurora Borealis” on Twinkle Sock


“Baby There’s A Shark In The Water” on Journey Sock

“Babylon Candle” on Twinkle Sock

“Baltic Amber” on Journey Sock

“Bark” on Luxe Sock

Bird On A Wire on Journey Sock

“Bird On A Wire” on Journey Sock

Black Cherry ES (4)

“Black Cherry” on Expedition Sport

“Black Magic Woman” on Twinkle Sock

“Bloody Big Scot” on Luxe Sock

“Blue Jay” on Voyage Aran


“Bluffs” on Journey Sock

“Bonnie Wee Thing” on Touring DK


“Born To Shine” on Journey Sock

“Bougainvillea” on Weekend Sock

“Bounty” on Honeymoon Sock

“Brackish” on Journey Sock

“Brilliantly Bold” on Expedition Sport

“Broken Arrow” on Journey Sock

“Brown Eyed Girl” on Journey Sock

“Bruise” on Luxe Sock

“Canopy” on Journey Sock

“Captiva Sunset” on Journey Sock

“Carnelian and Turquoise” on Touring DK

“Cedar Waxwing” on Twinkle Sock

“Cerulean” on Twinkle Sock

“Chapel of Love” on Luxe Sock

“Chocolate Mint” on Twinkle Sock

“Citrus Splash” on Adventure Sock

“Copacabana” on Honeymoon Sock

“Crafts and Laughs 2013” on Journey Sock


“Crafty Cats” on Journey Sock (front) and Touring DK (back)

“Craigh na Dun” on Luxe Sock

“Dandy” on Weekend Sock


“Day/Night” on Journey Sock

“Depths” on Weekend Sock

“Desperado” on Voyage Aran

“Dirty Martini” on Voyage Aran

“Dog Days Are Gone” on Journey Sock

“Driving to SAFF” on Weekend Sock


“Earth” on Rendezvous Sport Sock

“Easter Grass” on Journey Sock

“Easy Like Sunday Morning” on Voyage Aran

Eau De Pass-ee-onn

“Eau De Pass-ee-onn” on Honeymoon Sock


“Echinacea” on Journey Sock

“Eire” on Journey Sock

“Electric Jellyfish” on Weekend Sock

“Ethereal” on Expedition Sport

“Evergreen” on Journey Sock

Everybody's A Unicorn

“Everybody’s A Unicorn” on Rendezvous Sport Sock


“Fade Into You” on Journey Sock


“Fahoo Foray Dahoo Doray” on Journey Sock

“Family Vacation 1960” on Weekend Sock


“Fidelity” on Journey Sock


“Fire” on Rendezvous Sport Sock

“First Frost” on Journey Sock

“Flirt” on Weekend Sock

"Gert's Place To Unwind" on Round Trip Sock

“Gert’s Place To Unwind” on Round Trip Sock

“Gloam” on Voyage Aran

“Goldenrod” on Twinkle Sock


“A Good Place” on Twinkle Sock

“Gracie Pearl” on Journey Sock


“Grand Budapest” on Journey Sock

Graphite LS (1)

“Graphite” on Luxe Sock

Grateful Lady Of The Foam Pit TS (3)

“Grateful Lady Of The Foam Pit” on Twinkle Sock

The Great Berry Caper LS (2)

“The Great Berry Caper” on Luxe Sock

"Gulf" on Round Trip Sock

“Gulf” on Round Trip Sock


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