Repeatable Colorways O-S on Yarn


“OH DEER” on Journey Sock


“Overachiever” on Journey Sock


“Overhead Sidewalks” on Twinkle Sock

“Pansy” on Journey Sock

“Patina” on Weekend Sock


“Pauwlonia” on Honeymoon Sock

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” on Journey Sock

“Peach Crumble” on Voyage Aran

“Peacock” on Touring DK

“Phlox” on Journey Sock

Pony Party LS (4)

“Pony Party” on Luxe Sock

“Pop Your Collar” on Twinkle Sock


“Posey” on Luxe Sock

“Pumpkin Patch” on Weekend Sock

“Pure Gold” on Voyage Aran


“Pure Imagination” on Rendezvous Sport

“Quiet” on Wanderlust Worsted

“Raspberry” on Wanderlust Worsted

“Rhapsody” on Expedition Sport

“Rio” on Honeymoon Sock

“Roller Derby” on Weekend Sock

Ruler Of The Lonely Hearts HS (1)

“Ruler Of The Lonely Hearts” on Honeymoon Sock

“Sakura” on Voyage Aran

“Sanibel Stoop” on Twinkle Sock (please note that this colorway comes out more green on certain bases)

“Sarasota” on Journey Sock

“Seaglass” on Expedition Sport

“Seedling” on Luxe Sock

“Sepia” on Expedition Sport


“Shampoo Accident” on Twinkle Sock


“She Loved Purple” (in memory of Jeanette Zimmerli) on Journey Sock (left) and Twinkle Sock (right)

“Sherry In Crystal” on Expedition Sport

So This Is Love LS (4)

“So This Is Love” on Luxe Sock


“Social Climber” on Journey Sock

“Solar Flare” on Expedition Sport


“The Sophisticate” on Round Trip Sock


“Source Code” on Journey Sock

“Space Pirate” on Touring DK

“Spanish Moss” on Luxe Sock


“Starless Sky” on Celebration Sock

“Stop and Smell the Poppies” on Twinkle Sock

“Stormfront” on Twinkle Sock


“Strumpet” on Celebration Sock


“Strut Your Stuff” on Journey Sock

“Sugared Violet” on Weekend Sock

“Summer At The Lake House” on Weekend Sock

“Sunshine” on Journey Sock


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