About Dana

I am 32, a wife of almost 4 years, a mom to an adorable daughter born in May 2015, and furmommy of two lovely black and white tuxie kitty boys. I have been crafty all of my life, and if you name it I have probably done it. My main passions are knitting, crochet, dyeing, spinning, and weaving. I’ve been knitting for ten years and crocheting since I was 4; dyeing became a passion in 2006 after I couldn’t find a color I was looking for at my local yarn store, so I created my own! I’m inspired mainly by colors, but a good texture can catch my eye sometimes as well. I dye as often as I can, and I try to keep my colorways fresh and varied. I have over 200 repeatable “stock colorways” and come up with new ones almost every week!

I taught myself to spin in December of 2009, and it’s a huge passion of mine! My first wheel was a Fricke ST160, but I really wanted a double treadle; so I sold my Fricke and bought a Majacraft Suzie at Stitches South 2010, and I added a Hansen MiniSpinner in March 2012. (I’ve also had a Schacht Sidekick and a Majacraft Little Gem, but they’ve since gone on to new homes.) I enjoy spinning up yarns for the shop that I would be proud to use myself.

Where you can find me:

Instagram: dana_of_unwind (I have my timeline set to private and only add people who have their Ravelry names listed in their profile, or if their profile says something about spinning or knitting. Sorry!)


Ravelry: DanaOfUnwind

(getting the theme here?)


If you need to email me you can do so here: unwindyarncompany@gmail.com.

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