Shop is now closed… read on for more info…

Hi there! I’m glad you found me, and I’m sad to say that the Unwind Yarn Company shop is now permanently closed. As I posted in my last entry, it just seemed like the right time to cut my losses and move on, as the business had been struggling for a while.

So what comes next? I plan to continue dyeing wholesale for my wholesale partners Arkansas Yarn Company, Needlepoint Junction, and The Yarn Patch, so you’ll have the ability to get fresh yarns from me from those shops! (Always good to support local yarn shops too, right?) When my wholesale partners order from me, I will likely post and offer to dye sweater quantities (ONLY- no single skein orders) for anyone who is interested; keep an eye on this blog and my Instagram account (@unwindyarncompany) for those announcements! A limited number of spots will be available for sweater quantity orders when I offer them. If you’re an Into The Wool Fiber Retreat attendee, you’ll also have the opportunity to get an exclusive yarn from me every year as part of your goodie bag, and I will have a small selection of yarn available at the market as well.

Thank you for your support over the last 14+ years- I do appreciate you and hope you continue to tag me and send me messages when you work with the yarn I’ve dyed in the past! I love seeing my work come to life in your creations.

All my best,



So long, farewell…


This is a hard post for me to write, but sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do… thus is my lot right now.

I have made the difficult decision to close Unwind Yarn Company after 14 years in business. This has to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever faced, but after lots of soul searching and crunching numbers, there is no other outcome I can envision.

I started Unwind in 2006, and in the intervening years I’ve had opportunities and experiences that I know I would never have had otherwise. I’ve traveled to fiber shows, vended next to pillars of our knitting community, taken classes with the greats, and collaborated with amazing designers and other talented indies. I’ve made some of the best friends in my adult life, and have been supported by those same friends during seasons of darkness and heartbreak.

I have taken a long, hard look at the numbers, and at my own physical failings due to chronic illness, and I have realized that since my maternity leave in 2015 my business (and my health) has been on a downhill slide. It is no longer an easy prospect for me to dye yarn in 100 degree heat for hours at a time; not only do I pay for it for days with no energy and pain, but I’m also taking time away from my family, which is growing increasingly rare as my daughter grows up and my husband’s work life becomes busier. Also, taking a maternity leave of almost 10 months due to a high-risk pregnancy and complicated delivery meant I was not posting or producing during that time… time during which a large portion of my customer base moved on to other dyers. The one thing I have come to realize about this community is that there will always be new talent coming up… and sometimes it just becomes crystal clear that it is time for the old guard to step back and allow the new talent to shine. It has been my ultimate pleasure to dye yarn for my customers for 14 years, and I will miss the thrill of watching new colorways come to life in my studio.


So what does this mean going forward? I will be closing the Unwind retail shop Monday 9/14/20, in preparation to take my remaining shop stock with me to Into The Wool Fiber Retreat. Upon my return, I will not be restocking the shop, so if you like anything that is currently listed in my shop, it would be best to get it now since it will not be replaced or redyed. I am already approved to vend at Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival in Townsend TN next April, and will have my remaining yarn available in my booth there. I will continue to dye yarn for the Into The Wool goodie bag every year, and I also intend to continue my wholesale relationships with Needlepoint Junction, The Yarn Patch, and Arkansas Yarn Co (if they’ll have me). I’m not intending to do any custom orders this fall, either… so I’m sorry if you’ve mentioned it to me before and we didn’t get it done.

Thank you so much for your support for the last 14 years. I plan to continue making cups under the (related) Unwind Originals name, and I will still be active on social media too. Blessings on you all, and stay safe out there.

Advent Calendar Signups!


I am so excited to offer an advent calendar for 2019. After doing some informal polls via my podcast and Instagram, I have decided that it’s a good time to do so! I am really excited to create something truly special for you guys!

Here is some information you will need to review before signing up:

1. The advent calendar is $150, and will contain (24) 20g miniskeins that are all one base yarn (no mixed bases), plus a few little extras.
2. Shipping to the US will be $18 for flat-rate priority mail. International customers, please contact me BEFORE filling out the form (if you haven’t already) so I can work up a shipping estimate for you.
3. The advent calendar will ship on or by November 15, 2019 (earlier, if international shipping is required).
4. I will let you break the advent calendar up into 3 payments if you need to, or you can pay the full amount up front if that works better for you (payment will be due upon receipt of invoice). Invoices will be sent via Square. Ideally, I would like to have the payments due on July 15, August 15, and September 15. If these dates do not work for you due to your payday each month, I am willing to adjust your due date accordingly, but will need each monthly payment to be paid by the end of each calendar month, and the full amount of the advent calendar will need to be paid by October 1, no exceptions.
5. Optionally, you can choose to add on a full-sized skein to your order for $26. It can be dyer’s choice (will coordinate with the advent calendar), your choice (from my current catalog and must be selected at signups), or you can receive a voucher for a full-sized skein that you can redeem any time between receiving it and March 31, 2020 (it must be one of the colorways from the advent calendar, no exceptions). Shipping for the full sized skein will be free, even if you choose the voucher option.

I plan to leave the signups open until July 14; if I get an enormous response I might close the signups early, but will give notice if I do so, and will remove the link so there won’t be any confusion.

YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE! (link disabled as signups are over- thanks for your interest!)

Well hello there!

Hi friends!

I hope all of you are doing well! I have taken quite the hiatus from the blog, and that’s largely due to my Color Street business taking off last summer. Balancing both businesses, the retreat, plus family is a lot right now!

At the beginning of this year I decided to step back a little from the routine shop updates for Unwind. I still have my retail storefront, and it still has yarn in it, but due to the dramatic drop in traffic I have decided to focus on custom orders, wholesale orders, and show dyeing. You can still place orders via my site though- I welcome your business in whatever form it takes!

I just spent some time updating my repeatable colorways list with new colorways I’ve developed over the course of the last year, and I also added quite a few shop swatches to that category as well. I hope you’ll take a look!

Also be on the lookout for something I’m SUPER EXCITED about: I’m doing an Unwind advent calendar this year! Signups will start on 7/1/19, and I’ll be posting the link here on the blog as well as on my Instagram profile and on Ravelry. I’ve done some polling on Instagram and via the podcast, and have decided to do a payment plan to make my advent calendar more accessible to more customers. More info will be available on 7/1/19 when signups start!

Thanks for catching up with me, and I hope you’ll continue to hang out with me via Instagram (@unwindyarncompany)- it is the avenue I use most to communicate info about the yarn business. 🙂




August 23 Shop Update!

Hi folks! Today’s 1pmET shop update is all sweater quantities! If you’re anything like me, the imminent arrival of fall weather has you dreaming of knitting a new sweater… so here are some options for you from my shop!

August 23

Top: With A Paddle on Touring DK, Goth Girl on Twinkle Sock; Middle: Avonlea on Rendezvous Sport; Bottom: Midnight Margaritas on Twinkle Sock, Sakura on Touring DK

The Single Skein Selldown is still going on too! I added a few more listings into that category, which you can find here. Use code SSS20 to save 20% on any items in this category! (cannot be combined with any other code)

As always, thank you for your business! 🙂



August 16 Shop Update

Hi folks! I’m excited about today’s shop update! As usual it’s happening at 1pmET, and these 4 beauties are already up in preview mode:


Top and bottom left are With A Paddle and Without A Paddle (respectively), the Into The Wool Fiber Retreat 2017 colorways, and top right is Kokomo, and bottom right is A Bushel And A Peck. There are 2 skeins available of each!

But while you’re visiting my shop today, consider checking out the Single Skein Selldown section! All of the skeins in that section are 20% off with code SSS20, until they’re gone! Help me to make room for next week’s update and save some 💵 at the same time!

Have a great week and I’ll see you back here next Thursday!



July 19 Shop Update

Hello friends!

Today’s shop update is all loaded and ready to go… just waiting for 1pmET to go live for purchasing!


Top row: Abalone Rendezvous Sport Sock, Gracie Pearl Journey Sock; Middle row: Shampoo Accident Honeymoon Sock, Merry Fallmas Journey Sock; Bottom row: Bonnie Wee Thing Rendezvous Sport, One Of A Kind Honeymoon Sock

Today is an all-customer-favorite day! There is just one skein of each colorway available, so if you have your eye on one, definitely pop by the shop at 1pmET when the update goes live!

Thanks for your continued support, and you can find the shop here!



July 12 Update

Hey everybody! I have some beautiful things going up in today’s 1pmET shop update….

Update July 12

Top: “Pure Imagination” on Rendezvous Sport (also available on Journey Sock), Middle: “Amalfi At Night” on Rendezvous Sport, Bottom: “Strut Your Stuff” on Journey Sock (also available on Honeymoon Sock)

Top and bottom are brand new colorways available on 2 different bases each, and the middle colorway is a re-release that I haven’t dyed in a long time! All listings are currently available to be viewed in preview mode in the shop, and will be available for purchase at 1pmET.



Also going up today, but in my Pampered Nails By Dana Facebook Group, is the Hawaiian Half Light You Nailed It! Kit!


The idea for these kits was born when I realized just how often I see posts on Instagram by knitters and crocheters, where they are showing that their project matches their nails. With this kit, you can have that happen for up to 14 days! 😉 The Hawaiian Half Light design is brand new for Summer 2018, and when I saw it I knew it needed to be represented in yarn form too!

The price of the kit is $47 including US shipping (please note that these cannot be shipped out of the US, so they are only open to US residents).
In this kit:
(1) set of Color Street nail polish strips in Hawaiian Half Light
(1) skein of Unwind Yarn Company Twinkle Sock Yarn in Hawaiian Half Light (75% superwash merino/20% nylon/5% stellina sparkle, 438yds/100g, hand wash/dry flat)

There are 4 kits available in this round. To have a chance of getting one, you need to be a member of my Facebook group. Click the link above to get to the group, and request to join. I’ll be sure to check the member requests before putting the kit post live at 1pmET so anyone who wants one has a chance. If there is a lot of demand, I am amenable to making more kits too!

Here’s a pic of the nail strips on my own nails, with the yarn:


And of course, a swatch of the yarn:


Thanks so much for your continued support! 🙂




June 28 Shop Update

Hello everyone! As I’ve been listing quite a bit of yarn lately, I decided to do something fun and different today… I’ve listed more fun yarn bowls, and a brand new product for me: spinning project bags!



3 Brand New Yarn Bowls Listed Today!


Brand New Today: Spinning Project Bags!

The project bags are really unique and fun. Whenever I take my spinning wheel or spindle out of the house, I’m always torn on what to do with my fiber. I don’t want to keep crushing it into a plastic bag, and I think my fiber gets a little jealous of all of my pretty knitting project bags! This style of bag was born from the need to have a stylish and practical way to carry spinning fiber. It is lined with satin so your fiber doesn’t get felted or stuck all over the inside of the bag, and has 3 kam snaps as closures across the top so you don’t have to deal with fiber getting stuck in a zipper or fiddle with a drawstring. It even has a handy wrist strap if you want to walk and spin on your spindle simultaneously!

For more information on these beauties, check out the shop! All items are now available for purchase!



June 14 Shop Update- HALLOWEEN!!!

Hey everyone! For once I’m giving y’all lots of time to get a holiday color before the actual holiday, lol! Today’s All-Halloween shop update just went live!


There are two brand new colorways based off of themes from “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”, and they are pictured in the middle left and bottom left of the mosaic. Here they are swatched:


The top is “The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch” and the bottom is “Trouble With The Scissors”.

I also redyed several of my most popular colorways from years past!

You can shop the update right now! Thanks for looking, and I hope you’re having a great week!