Repeatable Colorways H-N on Yarn


“The Heart Of Tennessee” on Rendezvous Sport Sock (top) and Luxe Sock (bottom)

Highlands LS (2)

“Highlands” on Luxe Sock

Hints of Spring RTS (4)

“Hints Of Spring” on Round Trip Sock

"Honey Man" on Journey Sock

“Honey Man” on Journey Sock

“Hotel California” on Wanderlust Worsted

“I Want It NOW” on Journey Sock

“Il Cielo” on Adventure Sock

“Impressionist” on Journey Sock

“Infatuation” on Journey Sock

“Island Of Misfit Toys” on Journey Sock

Laura Loves Unwind (2)

“Knit Night Shenanigans” on Wanderlust Worsted

“Labradorite” on Journey Sock

“Ladies Who Lunch” on Journey Sock

“Ladybug” on Weekend Sock

“Lake Lure” on Weekend Sock

“Lava Flow” on Journey Sock


“Let Them Eat Cake” on Rendezvous Sport Sock

“Lettuce” on Luxe Sock

“Lilypad” on Weekend Sock


“Lite Brite” on Rendezvous Sport Sock


“The Littlest Who” on Twinkle Sock


“Lonely Hearts Club” on Outing Bulky

“Love Note” on Touring DK


“Lush” on Touring DK

“Lying Eyes” on Expedition Sport

“Magnolia Blossom” on Weekend Sock

“Malibu Barbie” on Round Trip Sock

“Mariana” on Luxe Sock


“Mariposa” on Journey Sock


“Max The Faux-Deer” on Journey Sock

“Memphis Blues” on Luxe Sock

“Merry Fallmas” on Twinkle Sock

"Meyer Lemon" on Wanderlust Worsted

“Meyer Lemon” on Wanderlust Worsted

“Midsummer Night’s Dream” on Twinkle Sock

“Miss Daisy” on Journey Sock

"Mom Jeans" on Round Trip Sock

“Mom Jeans” on Round Trip Sock

“Moonstone” on Journey Sock

“More Than Words” on Luxe Sock

“Morning Sky” on Weekend Sock

“Morning Surf” on Touring DK


“The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch” on Journey Sock

Mount Crumpet JS (4)

“Mount Crumpet” on Journey Sock


“Need You Around” on Journey Sock


“Needs More Purple” on Round Trip Sock

“Newport Bridge” on Weekend Sock

“Nirvana” on Round Trip Sock

“Northshore” on Weekend Sock


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