1.21.14 Shop Update and NEW colorways!

Hi everyone! I hope this week is finding you much warmer than last week. It’s starting to get really cold again here in southeastern Tennessee, which means it’s a great time to curl up and knit or spin!

Here is today’s 4pmET shop update preview… a small one but pretty awesome I think!

1.21.14 Shop Update

1.21.14 Shop Update

By popular request, I dyed up another sweater quantity of “More Than Words” on Wanderlust Worsted. Big thanks to Megan of the Stockinette Zombies for giving it such an amazing review and generating such buzz about it! It is one of my favorite colorways now, so if you miss it in today’s update, you’ll definitely have another shot at it soon. And of course, if you really want it, you can always do a custom order for it. 🙂

Also debuting today are two brand new colorways:

"Love Note" on Touring DK

“Love Note” on Touring DK

Love Note is a lovely peachy-pink base with splatters of two different shades of pink and one shade of red. Since it is kettle dyed it should not pool when knit. I didn’t really create this colorway *just* for Valentine’s Day, but it would definitely be perfect for that! It is available in this update on Luxe Sock and Touring DK, and will be available next week on Weekend Sock for sure (and if you want it on a different base, just email!).

"Sepia" on Expedition Sport

“Sepia” on Expedition Sport

Sepia is a lovely sandy brown with overtones of chestnut. This colorway is pretty much my husband’s wheelhouse, which is why I created it: I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only woman in the world with a man in her life who adores brown of every shade. This is a much more dynamic colorway than the picture shows… it defintely won’t be boring to knit with! Today it is available on Expedition Sport, and if there is interest I can dye it on any other base I carry. Just ask!

I also wanted to let you guys know about the fiber in today’s update. Sometimes I just have a wild hair and decide to just dump dye on fiber instead of doing absolutely repeatable colorways, and that’s what happened with today’s two BFL/Silk blend braids. To make sure that there isn’t a lot of confusion about these type of dye jobs, I have decided to give them an overarching apply-all name: Outing OOAK. They are all definitely individuals, and you’ll see pretty much every color in the book called by this name in the future, but all it really means is that it is a one of a kind colorway that is unique (or in this case one of a pair) and won’t be repeated. So if you like it, be sure to snap it up before someone else does!

I’m deep in the throes of dyeing for Stitches South so updates might be a little bit smaller for the next few weeks, but custom orders are always available if you don’t see what you’re looking for! I hope all of you have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you soon!




1.14.14 Shop Update and a NEW Product Line!!

Hi everyone! Today is a very exciting day for me… I have not only an AWESOME shop update to tell you about, but I am also debuting a brand new product line!

First, here are the yarns and fibers that are going up in today’s 4pmET shop update…

1.14.14 Yarns

1.14.14 Yarns

1.14.14 Fibers

1.14.14 Fibers

And now, the big news! I am proud to announce that I am now a vendor for Kookaburra cleaners!

imagesIf you have not heard of these amazing products, I will tell you a bit about them. Kookaburra is a family-owned, US-run business that specializes in pure, plant-based cleaners that are environmentally safe and septic-system friendly. There are several varieties, including…

Top: Kookaburra Delicate, Kookaburra Power; Bottom: Kookaburra Scour, Kookaburra Wash (available both scented and unscented)

Top: Kookaburra Delicate, Kookaburra Power; Bottom: Kookaburra Scour, Kookaburra Wash (available both scented and unscented)

I have been using Kookaburra Delicate for several months for all of my handknits, delicates, and some of my husband’s clothes, and it has been absolutely amazing. My clothes are showing less wear, have a pleasant scent, and the gentle formula does not irritate my husband’s sensitive skin. Kookaburra Power is a household cleaner that is simply AMAZING at cleaning up greasy spots and stains (and can get pretty much any pet stain up, no matter what it is or how long it’s been there!). Kookaburra Scour is a wool-scouring formula for you spinners out there; it gently gets dirt out of fleece without stripping it of its lovely natural luster and lanolin. Kookaburra Wash is available in both scented and unscented varieties, is perfect for washing handknits, and has a gentle lanolin-enriched formula that is perfect for cloth diapers and other sensitive-skin items.

I will be carrying the 2oz “try me” size for $2.49 as well as the 16oz size for $10.95, and all of all of these varieties are currently up in the shop. There is also a one-gallon jug as well as a 5 gallon bucket available for purchase; just contact me, as I will not have these in stock but they can be drop-shipped from Kookaburra directly to you.

I hope you’ll consider giving Kookaburra a try, because it is by far my favorite wool wash product now and I cannot recommend it enough!

Thanks so much for your support, everyone! Happy shopping!

Dana 🙂

1.7.14 Shop Update: The Eagles!

Hi friends!

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about today’s 4pmET shop update. This has been in the works since right after Thanksgiving, and I am so excited to introduce you to a BRAND NEW colorway collection!

Meet the newest 6 colorways for Unwind Yarn Company, based on songs by The Eagles!

"The Eagles" Colorways

“The Eagles” Colorways

And here is the full update mosaic, so you can see what’s going up in the shop today:

1.7.14 Shop Update

1.7.14 Shop Update

And now I will go into each colorway individually, and talk a bit about the inspiration for each colorway.

"Another Tequila Sunrise" on Expedition Sport

“Another Tequila Sunrise” on Expedition Sport

This colorway is named after the song “Tequila Sunrise”, but as a lot of dyers do a colorway by that name, I thought it would be funny to call this one “Another Tequila Sunrise”. It has shades of light gold, brilliant orange, and pink. It is a kettle dyed colorway.

"Desperado" on Voyage Aran

“Desperado” on Voyage Aran

This colorway was the second one I dyed, and is probably the most visually arresting of the lot. It is called “Desperado” and has an underlayer of spicy orange, with layers of vibrant hot pink and navy on top. It has a weathered, southwestern look. This yarn is also kettle dyed but it might pool depending on your stitch pattern and stitch count. Be sure to swatch to make sure you like the effect.

"I'm Already Gone" on Journey Sock

“I’m Already Gone” on Journey Sock

This colorway is named “I’m Already Gone” after the song of the same name. It is probably the most difficult one to dye in the collection, but I think the effect is worth it. It features shades of blue, green, gold, red, pink, orange and purple. Please note that this colorway will appear differently on different bases; it will also dye differently depending on my water quality of that day (living at the base of the mountains can have interesting effects on dyeing different colorways). It will also be available on yarn only, because the dye technique used does not lend itself well to fiber.

"Peaceful Easy Feeling" on Journey Sock

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” on Journey Sock

I just love this colorway… the colors used are right in my wheelhouse! It is called “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and I feel like it evokes just that. It has a bluish-gray base with shades of aquamarine and bright green overlaid. It is a kettle dye as well, and will not pool when knit.

"Lying Eyes" on Expedition Sport

“Lying Eyes” on Expedition Sport

This colorway was based on the song “Lying Eyes”, as well as the eyecolor of a boy who broke my heart in high school. 😉 It has a light blue base, with emerald green, moss green, and navy overlay. It might pool a bit depending on stitch pattern or stitch count, but I believe it will be minimal.

"Hotel California" on Wanderlust Worsted

“Hotel California” on Wanderlust Worsted

And last but not least… here is “Hotel California”, which is probably  my favorite Eagles song and the most fun colorway to dye in the collection. It features a brilliant gold base with evergreen and hot pink spots/sections. This colorway dyes a bit differently on different bases and depending on water quality too. I love its boldness though, and think it would make a striking garment.

This update features all 6 colorways on various bases, and more bases will be available in next week’s all-Eagles update too. If you have any requests, please feel free to email me at unwindyarncompany (at) gmail (dot) com and I will do my best to get them dyed up for the update. I hope you enjoy them, and happy shopping!!