6/24/14 Shop Update

Hey all!

I am a little late posting here, but the shop update is live and shoppable right now!

Here are the lovelies that went up today… some of them have already sold out, but most are still available.

6.24.14 Yarns

6.24.14 Yarns

Top row: Bonnie Wee Thing Touring DK (3), Graphite and White Fair Isle Kit (2), Evergreen Touring DK (4)

Middle row: Sanibel Stoop Expedition Sport (1), Gracie Pearl Touring DK (2), Labradorite Touring DK (2)

Bottom row: Birth of Venus Honeymoon Sock (1), Abalone Luxe Sock (1), Teeny Bikini Journey Sock (1)

6.24.14 Yarns and Fibers

6.24.14 Yarns and Fibers

Top row: Captiva Sunset Corriedale, Laura Loves Unwind Merino/Silk, Love Note and White Fair Isle Kit (1)

Middle row: Evergreen and Silver Fair Isle Kit (1), Fidelity Polwarth/Silk, Captiva Sunset Corriedale

Bottom row: Laura Loves Unwind Merino/Silk, Lava Flow Twinkle Sock (2), Warm Cider Falkland


I had intended to list necklaces today too, but they weren’t quite ready. I’ll get them up later this week, and post again when they go up.


I also wanted to let everyone know that custom orders will reopen on July 7. My usual turnaround with custom orders is 2-3 weeks (usually it’s 2 weeks max) but if I’m inundated with a lot of orders all at once, that time may be extended to as much as a month. Be thinking of and planning for your custom orders if you want to place one; they will be filled in the order they are entered into my custom order form. Thank you for your understanding!




P.S. Don’t forget the coupon code if you’re participating in the Tour de Fleece! TOURDEFLEECE14 will save you 10% off your fiber purchase! (the code will not work on any other type of item in the shop)

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